Paola de Salvo

University of Perugia

Paola de Salvo, Ph.D. in Social Systems and Public Policy Analysis, teaches sociology, promotion of territory, and urban and rural sociology at the Department of Political Science, University of Perugia, Italy. Her main research interest is focused on the study of local development, in particular to the study of territory development as a process that links the socio-economic and cultural aspects to sustainable development, which gives value to the sense of place, identity-local, narrations, and values.

Paola de Salvo

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The book brings together a series of contributions with a common goal of reflecting the links between economic development and rural development. The scenario is dotted not only with old and new wounds but also with innovative strategies in an attempt to overcome existing delays. The chapters of the book are composed of scenarios full of case studies. The plans to be adopted to help the countries that have lagged behind fueled an intense debate since the obstacles to development, as evidenced by the extensive scientific literature available, now appeared to be the realities present in the socio-economic structures of a large number of villages. Although the data available are still few, it is assumed that the Covid-19 pandemic will make a landscape already full of criticalities even more fragile.

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