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Rosalba Morese, born in Italy, holds a bachelor\'s degree in psychology at the University of Parma and a Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Turin. She aims to develop new techniques and approaches in cognitive science and social neuroscience. She is an expert in experimental neuroscience, neuroeconomics, psychophysiology, and cognitive and social neuroscience. She performs neuroimaging studies in social contexts in order to investigate neural correlates involved during social interactions, such as, social exclusion, social support, empathy, communicative intention, social decision-making, in-group and out-group settings, etc. She currently works at Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland. For more information:

Rosalba Morese

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This book aims to open a debate full of theoretical and experimental contributions among the different disciplines in social research, psychology, neuroscience, and sociology and to give an innovative vision to the present research and future perspective on the topic. The fundamental research areas of evolutionary psychology can be divided into two broad categories: the basic cognitive processes, and the way they evolved within the species, and the adaptive social behaviors that derive from the theory of evolution: survival, parenting, family and kinship, interactions with nonparents, and cultural evolution. Evolutionary Psychology Meets Social Neuroscience explains at individual and group level the fundamental behaviors of social life, such as altruism, cooperation, competition, social exclusion, and social support.

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