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TU Wien Austria

Hardy Hanappi was born in Vienna (1951) and studied economics and Informatics at the University of Vienna and at the Technical University of Vienna. Before returning to university he has worked as econometrician for OPEC, and as CEO for the consulting firm ECON GmbH. He then became university teacher and researcher at the TU-Vienna and concentrated on macroeconomics, political economy, simulation methods, and game theory. From 1992 till 1997 he was deputy director of socioeconomics at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. After his return to the TU Vienna he became head of economics, from 2001 till 2005 he also was director of the Institute for Monetary Economics (Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute). He currently is ad personam chair for political economy of European integration, a position granted by the European Commission. He is professorial research associate at SOAS (University of London) where he spent a sabbatical in 2011. Hardy Hanappi now lives in Vienna.

Hardy Hanappi

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Stormy times are looming just around the corner during the next ten years. People all around the world are increasingly feeling that a major shake-up of our living conditions is in the air. The three most visible global dangers are an environmental collapse, a third world war, and an accelerating inequality of welfare between different parts of the human population. It is evident that these threatening developments are highly interdependent symptoms of the same social process: the dynamics of global political economy. We are in acute need of a theory that explores our options for a surviving human species. The major social entities involved in this change have to be identified: Classes.

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