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1. Immunotherapy of Urinary Bladder Carcinoma: BCG and Beyond

By Yi Luo, Eric J. Askeland, Mark R. Newton, Jonathan R. Henning and Michael A. O’Donnell

Part of book: Cancer Treatment - Conventional and Innovative Approaches

2. Local Metastasis in Head and Neck Cancer - an Overview

By Suwarna Dangore–Khasbage

Part of book: Contemporary Issues in Head and Neck Cancer Management

3. Diffuse Astrocytoma and Oligodendroglioma: An Integrated Diagnosis and Management

By Ștefan Ioan Florian and Sergiu Șuşman

Part of book: Glioma - Contemporary Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches

4. Gamma-Delta T-cell Lymphoma: An Overview

By Preethi Ramachandran, Alok Aggarwal and Jen Chin Wang

Part of book: Peripheral T-cell Lymphomas

5. Current Insights Into Canine Cutaneous Melanocytic Tumours Diagnosis

By Luis Resende, Joana Moreira, Justina Prada, Felisbina Luisa Queiroga and Isabel Pires

Part of book: Melanoma - Current Clinical Management and Future Therapeutics

6. Assessment and Optimization of the Future Liver Remnant

By Mandivavarira Maundura and Jonathan B Koea

Part of book: Updates in Liver Cancer

7. Machine Learning Methods for Breast Cancer Diagnostic

By Shahnorbanun Sahran, Ashwaq Qasem, Khairuddin Omar, Dheeb Albashih, Afzan Adam, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah, Azizi Abdullah, Rizuana Iqbal Hussain, Fuad Ismail, Norlia Abdullah, Suria Hayati Md Pauzi and Nurdashima Abd Shukor

Part of book: Breast Cancer and Surgery

8. Differential Diagnosis of Osteogenic Tumors in the Context of Osteosarcoma

By Mulazim Hussain Bukhari, Samina Qamar and Farwa Batool

Part of book: Osteosarcoma – Diagnosis, Mechanisms, and Translational Developments

9. Ovarian Cancer Genetics: Subtypes and Risk Factors

By Jeff Hirst, Jennifer Crow and Andrew Godwin

Part of book: Ovarian Cancer - From Pathogenesis to Treatment

10. BRAF Mutation and Its Importance in Colorectal Cancer

By Lee-Jen Luu and Timothy J. Price

Part of book: Advances in the Molecular Understanding of Colorectal Cancer