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1. Glucagonoma Masquerading as a Mucinous Cancer of the Ovary: Lessons from Cell Biology

By Gwo Yaw Ho, Sumitra Ananda, Cassandra J. Vandenberg, Orla McNally, Jeanne Tie, Kylie Gorringe, David Bowtell, Jan Pyman, Matthew J. Wakefield and Clare L. Scott

Part of book: Gynaecological Malignancies - Updates and Advances [Working Title]

2. Intraoperative Radiation Therapy in Gynecological Cancer

By Albert Biete, Angeles Rovirosa and Gabriela Oses

Part of book: Gynaecological Malignancies - Updates and Advances [Working Title]

3. Immunotherapy in Gynecological Malignancies

By Neha Sharma and Deepti Sharma

Part of book: Gynaecological Malignancies - Updates and Advances [Working Title]

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1. The Six Rs of Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy

By Loredana G. Marcu, Iuliana Toma Dasu and Alexandru Dasu

Part of book: Contemporary Issues in Head and Neck Cancer Management

2. Gamma-Delta T-cell Lymphoma: An Overview

By Preethi Ramachandran, Alok Aggarwal and Jen Chin Wang

Part of book: Peripheral T-cell Lymphomas

3. Headache in Pheochromocytoma

By Masahiko Watanabe

Part of book: Pheochromocytoma - A New View of the Old Problem

4. Osteosarcoma of the Jaw: Classification, Diagnosis and Treatment

By Daris Ferrari, Laura Moneghini, Fabiana Allevi, Gaetano Bulfamante and Federico Biglioli

Part of book: Osteosarcoma - Biology, Behavior and Mechanisms

5. Nanobiotechnology for Breast Cancer Treatment

By Márcia Rocha, Natalia Chaves and Sônia Báo

Part of book: Breast Cancer - From Biology to Medicine

6. Clinicopathological Diagnosis of Gliomatosis Cerebri

By Jiro Akimoto

Part of book: Management of CNS Tumors

7. Photodynamic Therapy, a Potential Therapy for Improve Cancer Management

By Heidi Abrahamse and Ivan Sosthene Mfouo Tynga

Part of book: Breast Cancer and Surgery

8. BRAF Mutation and Its Importance in Colorectal Cancer

By Lee-Jen Luu and Timothy J. Price

Part of book: Advances in the Molecular Understanding of Colorectal Cancer

9. Diffuse Astrocytoma and Oligodendroglioma: An Integrated Diagnosis and Management

By Ștefan Ioan Florian and Sergiu Șuşman

Part of book: Glioma - Contemporary Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches

10. IDH-Mutant Gliomas

By Kensuke Tateishi and Tetsuya Yamamoto

Part of book: Brain and Spinal Tumors - Primary and Secondary