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Tulane University United States of America

Lee Roy Morgan, MD, Ph.D., is a clinical pharmacologist and oncologist whose research interests are focused on the development of new and novel agents and devices that penetrate the CNS and spine and are effective therapies as treatment for both primary and metastatic malignancies involving the CNS. Dr. Morgan received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Tulane University, USA, in 1960. He completed post-doctoral studies at Imperial College, University of London, in 1961. In 1971, he received his MD from Louisiana State University Medical School, USA. From 1961 to 1986, he was professor and chairman, Department of Pharmacology, Louisiana State University Medical Center, USA. He is the founder, CEO, and medical director of DEKK-TEC, Inc., USA. Dr. Morgan is also an Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine and Adjunct Research Professor of Chemistry, University of New Orleans. From 1986 to 2015, Dr. Morgan was in oncology private practice in the New Orleans area. He has published more than 250 research articles, book chapters, and books. Dr. Morgan is married with four children and eight grandchildren.

Lee Roy Morgan

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This book describes and discusses numerous new concepts and procedures for the diagnosis and management of all types of neurofibromatosis (NF). It includes five chapters that address numerous topics in the field, including the management of toxicities associated with NF treatment modalities. It provides useful information and data for both researchers and practitioners to develop new approaches for the management of NF.

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