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1. The Impact of Natural Disasters: Simplified Procedures and Open Problems

By Olga Petrucci

Part of book: Approaches to Managing Disaster

2. Surface Coal Mining Methods in Australia

By Rudrajit Mitra and Serkan Saydam

Part of book: Mining Methods

3. Internal Erosion Due to Water Flow Through Earth Dams and Earth Structures

By Raul Flores-Berrones and Norma Patricia Lopez-Acosta

Part of book: Soil Erosion


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1. Beneficial and Negative Impacts on Soil by the Reuse of Treated/Untreated Municipal Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation – A Review of the Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives

By Juan C. Durán–Álvarez and Blanca Jiménez–Cisneros

Part of book: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination

2. Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Metals and Metalloids at Mining Areas: Potential of Native Flora

By Paulo J.C. Favas, João Pratas, Mayank Varun, Rohan D’Souza and Manoj S. Paul

Part of book: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination

3. Interplay between Tectonics and Mount Etna’s Volcanism: Insights into the Geometry of the Plumbing System

By Domenico Patanè, Marco Aliotta, Andrea Cannata, Carmelo Cassisi, Mauro Coltelli, Giuseppe Di Grazia, Placido Montalto and Luciano Zuccarello

Part of book: New Frontiers in Tectonic Research

4. Synsedimentary Deformational Structures Caused by Tectonics and Seismic Events – Examples from the Cambrian of Sweden, Permian and Cenozoic of Germany

By Herbert Scholz, Dorothea Frieling and Michaela Aehnelt

Part of book: New Frontiers in Tectonic Research

5. Remote Sensing of Forest Health

By Jyrki Tuominen, Tarmo Lipping, Viljo Kuosmanen and Reija Haapanen

Part of book: Geoscience and Remote Sensing

6. Microgravity and Its Applications in Geosciences

By Hakim Saibi

Part of book: Gravity

7. Remote sensing and the disaster management cycle

By Karen E. Joyce, Kim C. Wright, Sergey V. Samsonov and Vincent G. Ambrosia

Part of book: Advances in Geoscience and Remote Sensing

8. FE Based Vulnerability Assessment of Highway Bridges Exposed to Moderate Seismic Hazard

By C. Mullen

Part of book: Engineering Seismology, Geotechnical and Structural Earthquake Engineering

9. A Diagnostic Method for the Study of Disaster Management: A Review of Fundamentals and Practices

By Carole Lalonde

Part of book: Approaches to Managing Disaster

10. Three-Dimensional Nepal Earthquake Displacement Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Phase Unwrapping from Sentinel-1A Satellite

By Maged Marghany and Shattri Mansor

Part of book: Earthquakes


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