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1. Statistical Analysis of the Precipitation Isotope Data with Reference to the Indian Subcontinent

By Supriyo Chakraborty, Siddharth Birmal, Pramit Kumar Deb Burman, Amey Datye, Fousiya A.A., Aravind G.H., PM. Mohan, Neha Trivedi and Rajendra K. Trivedi

Part of book: Hydrology [Working Title]

2. The Caldera of Mount Bambouto: Volcanological Characterization and Classification

By Ghislain Zangmo Tefogoum, David Guimolaire Nkouathio, Armand Kagou Dongmo and Merlin Gountié Dedzo

Part of book: Volcanoes - Updates in Volcanology [Working Title]

3. From a Bulldozer Cut to a World Heritage Site

By Payson Sheets

Part of book: Volcanoes - Updates in Volcanology [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

Chapter titleDownloads
1. Comprehensive Monitoring of Wildfires in Europe: The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)

By Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz, Ernst Schulte, Guido Schmuck, Andrea Camia, Peter Strobl, Giorgio Liberta, Cristiano Giovando, Roberto Boca, Fernando Sedano, Pieter Kempeneers, Daniel McInerney, Ceri Withmore, Sandra Santos de Oliveira, Marcos Rodrigues, Tracy Durrant, Paolo Corti, Friderike Oehler, Lara Vilar and Giuseppe Amatulli

Part of book: Approaches to Managing Disaster - Assessing Hazards, Emergencies and Disaster Impacts

2. Monogenetic Basaltic Volcanoes: Genetic Classification, Growth, Geomorphology and Degradation

By Gábor Kereszturi and Károly Németh

Part of book: Updates in Volcanology - New Advances in Understanding Volcanic Systems

3. Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Metals and Metalloids at Mining Areas: Potential of Native Flora

By Paulo J.C. Favas, João Pratas, Mayank Varun, Rohan D’Souza and Manoj S. Paul

Part of book: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Soil Contamination, Risk Assessment and Remediation

By Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Mohd. Jamil Maah and Ismail Yusoff

Part of book: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination

2. Geologic Characteristics and Production Response of the N5.2 Reservoir, Shallow Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria

By Prince Suka Momta

Part of book: Sedimentary Processes - Examples from Asia, Turkey and Nigeria

3. Looking at Remote Sensing the Timing of an Organisation's Point of View and the Anticipation of Today's Problems

By Y. A. Polkanov

Part of book: Remote Sensing of Planet Earth

4. Stages of a Integrated Geothermal Project

By Alfonso Aragón-Aguilar, Georgina Izquierdo-Montalvo, Daniel Octavio Aragón-Gaspar and Denise N. Barreto-Rivera

Part of book: Renewable Geothermal Energy Explorations

5. Seismic Paleo-Geomorphic System of the Extensional Province of the Niger Delta: An Example of the Okari Field

By Muslim B. Aminu and Moses O. Olorunniwo

Part of book: Tectonics - Recent Advances

6. Study of Impacts of Global Warming on Climate Change: Rise in Sea Level and Disaster Frequency

By Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh

Part of book: Global Warming - Impacts and Future Perspective

7. Biochar: A Sustainable Approach for Improving Plant Growth and Soil Properties

By Jyoti Rawat, Jyoti Saxena and Pankaj Sanwal

Part of book: Biochar - An Imperative Amendment for Soil and the Environment

8. Eruption Types and Processes in the Guamsan Caldera, Korea

By Sang Koo Hwang

Part of book: Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions

9. Rainfall Erosivity and Its Estimation: Conventional and Machine Learning Methods

By Konstantinos Vantas, Epaminondas Sidiropoulos and Chris Evangelides

Part of book: Soil Erosion - Rainfall Erosivity and Risk Assessment

10. Hydrogeological Characteristics of Shallow Hard Rock Aquifers in Yaounde (Cameroon, Central Africa)

By Jules Rémy Ndam Ngoupayou, André Firmin Bon, Guillaume Ewodo Mboudou, Nasser Ngouh Abdou and Georges Emmanuel Ekodeck

Part of book: Groundwater Hydrology