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Online First chapter releases in this category

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1. Human Health in the Lunar Environment

By Robert J. Reynolds

Part of book: Lunar Science [Working Title]

2. On the Deviation of the Lunar Center of Mass to the East: Two Possible Mechanisms Based on Evolution of the Orbit and Rounding Off the Shape of the Moon

By Boris P. Kondratyev

Part of book: Lunar Science [Working Title]

3. Toward a New Conceptual and Methodological Approach for the Integral Evaluation of Volcanic Risk

By Leonel Vega

Part of book: Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

Chapter titleDownloads
1. Comprehensive Monitoring of Wildfires in Europe: The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)

By Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz, Ernst Schulte, Guido Schmuck, Andrea Camia, Peter Strobl, Giorgio Liberta, Cristiano Giovando, Roberto Boca, Fernando Sedano, Pieter Kempeneers, Daniel McInerney, Ceri Withmore, Sandra Santos de Oliveira, Marcos Rodrigues, Tracy Durrant, Paolo Corti, Friderike Oehler, Lara Vilar and Giuseppe Amatulli

Part of book: Approaches to Managing Disaster - Assessing Hazards, Emergencies and Disaster Impacts

2. Monogenetic Basaltic Volcanoes: Genetic Classification, Growth, Geomorphology and Degradation

By Gábor Kereszturi and Károly Németh

Part of book: Updates in Volcanology - New Advances in Understanding Volcanic Systems

3. West African Monsoon in State-of-the-Science Regional Climate Models

By M. B. Sylla, I. Diallo and J. S. Pal

Part of book: Climate Variability - Regional and Thematic Patterns


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Montmorillonite: An Introduction to Properties and Utilization

By Faheem Uddin

Part of book: Current Topics in the Utilization of Clay in Industrial and Medical Applications

2. Observed and Projected Reciprocate Effects of Agriculture and Climate Change: Implications on Ecosystems and Human Livelihoods

By Zenebe Mekonnen

Part of book: Climate Change and Global Warming

3. Soil Contamination, Risk Assessment and Remediation

By Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Mohd. Jamil Maah and Ismail Yusoff

Part of book: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination

4. Mangrove Species Distribution and Composition, Adaptive Strategies and Ecosystem Services in the Niger River Delta, Nigeria

By Aroloye O. Numbere

Part of book: Mangrove Ecosystem Ecology and Function

5. Biochar: A Sustainable Approach for Improving Plant Growth and Soil Properties

By Jyoti Rawat, Jyoti Saxena and Pankaj Sanwal

Part of book: Biochar - An Imperative Amendment for Soil and the Environment

6. Continuous and Induced Phytoextraction — Plant-Based Methods to Remove Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soil

By Maciej Bosiacki, Tomasz Kleiber and Bartosz Markiewicz

Part of book: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination

7. Biological and Medicinal Importance of Sponge

By Musarat Amina and Nawal M. Al Musayeib

Part of book: Biological Resources of Water

8. Applications of Remote Sensing in Geoscience

By Hakim Saibi, Mohand Bersi, Mohamed Bodruddoza Mia, Nureddin Mohamed Saadi, Khalid Mohamed Saleh Al Bloushi and Robert W. Avakian

Part of book: Recent Advances and Applications in Remote Sensing

9. Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Metals and Metalloids at Mining Areas: Potential of Native Flora

By Paulo J.C. Favas, João Pratas, Mayank Varun, Rohan D’Souza and Manoj S. Paul

Part of book: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination

10. Numerical Modeling Tidal Circulation and Morphodynamics in a Dumbbell-Shaped Coastal Embayment

By Yu-Hai Wang

Part of book: Sediment Transport Processes and Their Modelling Applications