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1. Monogenetic Basaltic Volcanoes: Genetic Classification, Growth, Geomorphology and Degradation

By Gábor Kereszturi and Károly Németh

Part of book: Updates in Volcanology

2. Comprehensive Monitoring of Wildfires in Europe: The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)

By Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz, Ernst Schulte, Guido Schmuck, Andrea Camia, Peter Strobl, Giorgio Liberta, Cristiano Giovando, Roberto Boca, Fernando Sedano, Pieter Kempeneers, Daniel McInerney, Ceri Withmore, Sandra Santos de Oliveira, Marcos Rodrigues, Tracy Durrant, Paolo Corti, Friderike Oehler, Lara Vilar and Giuseppe Amatulli

Part of book: Approaches to Managing Disaster

3. West African Monsoon in State-of-the-Science Regional Climate Models

By M. B. Sylla, I. Diallo and J. S. Pal

Part of book: Climate Variability


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Strong Lensing Systems as Probes of Dark Energy Models and Non-Standard Theories of Gravity

By Marek Biesiada

Part of book: Advances in Modern Cosmology

2. Extragalactic Compact Sources in the Planck Sky and Their Cosmological Implications

By Luigi Toffolatti, Carlo Burigana, Francisco Argüeso and José M. Diego

Part of book: Open Questions in Cosmology

3. Geothermal Exploration Methods

By Essam Aboud

Part of book: Advances in Geothermal Energy

4. Three-Dimensional Lineament Visualization Using Fuzzy B-Spline Algorithm from Multispectral Satellite Data

By Maged Marghany

Part of book: Remote Sensing

5. A Contribution to the Reduction of Radiometric Miscalibration of Pushbroom Sensors

By Christian Rogaß, Daniel Spengler, Mathias Bochow, Karl Segl, Angela Lausch, Daniel Doktor, Sigrid Roessner, Robert Behling, Hans-Ulrich Wetzel, Katia Urata, Andreas Hueni and Hermann Kaufmann

Part of book: Remote Sensing

6. Mathematical Description of Bayesian Algorithm for Speckle Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

By Daniela Colţuc

Part of book: Advanced Geoscience Remote Sensing

7. On the Моdification of Nuclear Chronometry in Astrophysics and in Geophysics

By V.S. Olkhovsky

Part of book: Advanced Geoscience Remote Sensing

8. Earth Observation for Urban Climate Monitoring: Surface Cover and Land Surface Temperature

By Zina Mitraka and Nektarios Chrysoulakis

Part of book: Multi-purposeful Application of Geospatial Data

9. Geospatial Analysis for Irrigated Land Assessment, Modeling and Mapping

By Olumuyiwa Idowu Ojo and Francois Ilunga

Part of book: Multi-purposeful Application of Geospatial Data

10. The Traces of Earthquake (Seismites): Examples from Lake Van Deposits (Turkey)

By Serkan Üner, Çetin Yeşilova and Türker Yakupoğlu

Part of book: Earthquake Research and Analysis