Mohammad Mokhtari

Hormozgan University

Mohammad Mokhtari was born in Nosara, Neyshabur, and obtained his BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. from Azarabadegan, Southampton, and Bergen Universities respectively. He also studied at Utrecht University and worked as a principal geophysicist at Norsk Hydro (Norway) and NIOC. As the Director of SRC at IIEES and Member of the Board of Directors, he established the NBSN, was a Cofounder and Director of NCEP, and a founding member of the Risk Management Excellence Center. He is also a member of the Passive Seismic Equipment Expert Panel, CTBTO, and a visiting researcher at GSA, Indian Ocean Tsunami Hazard Assessment. He was a member of the advisory board at the IntechOpen publications. He is now chairman of ICG/NWIO-WG, a founding member of TERC and Director of Mega Makran project, and VP of SPIRM Institute. He has supervised 32 MSc and 10 Ph.D. students, and published over 75 papers, 100 conference presentations, and 7 books.

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Mohammad Mokhtari

This book is a collection of contributions from experts involved in tsunami study for the purpose of covering the different aspects from a tsunami at a local level, population health related to a tsunami disaster and early warning systems at a country level. The presented chapters, after being peer-reviewed, have been recommended to be accepted for publication. The content of the book consists of an introductory section that deals with the lessons learned from past tsunamis and today’s practice; the monitoring of tsunami damage using the polarimetric microwave remote sensing technique, and considering the local tsunami on Pakistan’s coast; the outbreak of devastating earthquakes; health consequences and medical provisions for the population and finally the risk of tsunamis in Mexico

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