Yann Chemin

European Commission

Dr. Yann H. Chemin’s research spans geography, cartography, energy balance, agriculture, land and water processes, rocky (minor) planets and the Moon. His credentials are a BSc in International Agri-Development (1995, France), an MSc in Land and Water Resources Management (1996, UK), a DTSc in RS/GIS Applications (2006, Thailand), a BSc in Planetary Sciences with Astronomy (2016, UK) and a CBA in Security, Defense and Space (2021, FR). He worked on the Chandrayaan-1 M3 sensor and its hyperspectral applications on the Apollo 12 landing site and on Ceres craters. As of May 16, 2019, he has joined the European Commission at JRC in Italy.

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Lunar science is in the middle of a small revolution, with now many new countries sending orbiters, landers, and even sample return missions to the moon. Additionally, both governments and private companies are now more and more considering the moon as a base for solar system exploration. With such an increase in attention, lunar science is now encompassing several unified dimensions. The first is the science of the moon itself, its origin, evolution, and inner composition. The second is how humans can live on the moon, covering biology and in general the logistics of surviving there, including surface mapping and in-situ resource utilization.

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