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1. Simulation of Power Converters Using Matlab-Simulink

By Christophe Batard, Frédéric Poitiers, Christophe Millet and Nicolas Ginot

Part of book: MATLAB

2. Fired Process Heaters

By Hassan Al-Haj Ibrahim

Part of book: Matlab

3. Fouling in Heat Exchangers

By Hassan Al-Haj Ibrahim

Part of book: MATLAB


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter titleCrossref citationsDownloads
1. Using Artificial Neural Networks to Produce High-Resolution Soil Property Maps

By Zhengyong Zhao, Fan-Rui Meng, Qi Yang and Hangyong Zhu

Part of book: Advanced Applications for Artificial Neural Networks

2. An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Area Traffic Control

By Soner Haldenbilen, Ozgur Baskan and Cenk Ozan

Part of book: Ant Colony Optimization

3. Analysis of Uses and Metrology : an Experiment in Telecommunications by Satellite and Wireless Network Solution for Rural Areas

By Gilles Puel, Valérie Fernandez and Valérie Fautrero

Part of book: Satellite Communications

4. Ubiquitous Piezoelectric Sensor Network (UPSN)-Based Concrete Curing Monitoring for u-Construction

By Seunghee Park and Dong-Jin Kim

Part of book: Modern Telemetry

5. Telemetry as a Tool to Study Spatial Behaviour and Patterns of Brown Bears as Affected by the Newly Constructed Egnatia Highway – N. Pindos - Greece

By Mertzanis G., Mazaris Ant., Sgardelis St., Aravidis El., Giannakopoulos Al., Godes C., Riegler S., Riegler A. and Tragos Ath.

Part of book: Modern Telemetry

6. Coplanar-Microstrip Transitions for Ultra-Wideband Communications

By Mohammed El-Gibari, Dominique Averty, Cyril Lupi, Yann Mahé Hongwu Li and Serge Toutain

Part of book: Ultra Wideband Communications

7. Overview of Wireless Sensor Network

By M.A. Matin and M.M. Islam

Part of book: Wireless Sensor Networks

8. Space-Time Diversity Techniques for WCDMA High Altitude Platform Systems

By Abbas Mohammed and Tommy Hult

Part of book: Mobile and Wireless Communications

9. Communication Strategies for Strip-Like Topologies in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

By Daniele De Caneva, Pier Luca Montessoro and Davide Pierattoni

Part of book: Mobile and Wireless Communications

10. A Time-Delay Suppression Technique for Digital PWM Control Circuit

By Yoichi Ishizuka

Part of book: Trends in Telecommunications Technologies


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