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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Machine Analysis of Facial Expressions

By Maja Pantic and Marian Stewart Bartlett

Part of book: Face Recognition

2. Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and Its Application to Generalized Assignment Problem

By Adil Baykasoğlu, Lale Özbakır and Pınar Tapkan

Part of book: Swarm Intelligence

3. Review of Input Variable Selection Methods for Artificial Neural Networks

By Robert May, Graeme Dandy and Holger Maier

Part of book: Artificial Neural Networks


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Computational Fluid Dynamics

By Victor Udoewa and Vinod Kumar

Part of book: Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics

2. Face Recognition: Issues, Methods and Alternative Applications

By Waldemar Wójcik, Konrad Gromaszek and Muhtar Junisbekov

Part of book: Face Recognition

3. MATLAB COM Integration for Engineering Applications

By Mariano Raboso, María I. Jiménez, Lara del Val, Alberto Izquierdo, Juan J. Villacorta and Myriam Codes

Part of book: MATLAB

4. Wireless Technologies and Business Models for Municipal Wireless Networks

By Zhe Yang and Abbas Mohammed

Part of book: Communications and Networking

5. Fault Diagnosis on Electric Power Systems Based on Petri Net Approach

By Alejandra Santoyo-Sanchez, José Alberto Gutiérrez-Robles, Elvia Ruiz-Beltrán, Carlos Alberto De Jesús-Velasquez, Luis Isidro Aguirre-Salas and Victor Ortiz-Muro

Part of book: Petri Nets

6. Assisted On-Job Training

By Cláudio Teixeira and Joaquim Sousa Pinto

Part of book: E-Learning

7. Cochlear Implant Stimulation Rates and Speech Perception

By Komal Arora

Part of book: Modern Speech Recognition

8. Types of Machine Learning Algorithms

By Taiwo Oladipupo Ayodele

Part of book: New Advances in Machine Learning

9. Using RFID/NFC and QR-Code in Mobile Phones to Link the Physical and the Digital World

By Mabel Vazquez-Briseno, Francisco I. Hirata, Juan de Dios Sanchez-Lopez, Elitania Jimenez-Garcia, Christian Navarro-Cota and Juan Ivan Nieto-Hipolito

Part of book: Interactive Multimedia

10. Minutiae-based Fingerprint Extraction and Recognition

By Naser Zaeri

Part of book: Biometrics