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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Machine Analysis of Facial Expressions

By Maja Pantic and Marian Stewart Bartlett

Part of book: Face Recognition

2. Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and Its Application to Generalized Assignment Problem

By Adil Baykasoğlu, Lale Özbakır and Pınar Tapkan

Part of book: Swarm Intelligence

3. Review of Input Variable Selection Methods for Artificial Neural Networks

By Robert May, Graeme Dandy and Holger Maier

Part of book: Artificial Neural Networks


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Grid’5000 Based Large Scale OCR Using the DTW Algorithm: Case of the Arabic Cursive Writing

By Mohamed Labidi, Maher Khemakhem and Mohamed Jemni

Part of book: Recent Advances in Document Recognition and Understanding

2. Locally Adaptive Resolution (LAR) codec

By Francois Pasteau, Marie Babel, Olivier Deforges, Clement Strauss and Laurent Bedat

Part of book: Recent Advances in Signal Processing

3. Application of Automata Based Approach for Specification of Model Transformation Strategies

By Anna Derezinska and Jacek Zawlocki

Part of book: Engineering the Computer Science and IT

4. Modelling and Evaluation of Emotional Interfaces

By Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung, Ming-Xi Tang and Lorraine Justice

Part of book: Human-Computer Interaction

5. Improvement Techniques for Automatic Speech Recognition

By Santiago Omar Caballero Morales

Part of book: Modern Speech Recognition

6. Affect Interpretation in Metaphorical and Simile Phenomena and Multithreading Dialogue Context

By Li Zhang

Part of book: Human Machine Interaction

7. Educational Effect of Externalization of Know-how Information for Care Planning Processes

By Kaoru Eto, Tatsunori Matsui and Yasuo Kabasawa

Part of book: Advanced Learning

8. Multiobjective Design Exploration in Space Engineering

By Akira Oyama and Kozo Fujii

Part of book: New Fundamental Technologies in Data Mining

9. Number Distribution of Transmembrane Helices in Prokaryote Genomes

By Ryusuke Sawada and Shigeki Mitaku

Part of book: Computational Biology and Applied Bioinformatics

10. An Improved PRNG Based on the Hybrid between One- and Two- Dimensional Cellular Automata

By Sang-Ho Shin and Kee-Young Yoo

Part of book: Cellular Automata