Sharon Mistretta

Johns Hopkins University United States of America

Dr. Sharon Mistretta is a senior instructor for the US Satellite Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project, and a NASA Education Partner with a concentration in Coding, Robotics, and 1:1 Devices. She holds an EdD from Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Maryland, USA, with a concentration in technology integration in K-16 education. She teaches Technologies and Creative Learning as an adjunct faculty at the same institution. She received her MA in Computing in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, USA, and has more than 45 years of experience in information technology. Dr. Mistretta brings an in-depth knowledge of coding techniques, artificial intelligence programming, and the integration of technology into her teaching practices in pre-K through graduate curricula.

Sharon Mistretta

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Education stakeholders are at a crossroads where teaching and learning paths intersect with technologies fueled by emerging artificial intelligence. Educators who observe the residual effects of a global pandemic are left to wonder what creative technology solutions that sustain teaching and learning amidst mutating contagions should be retained, abandoned, or re-imagined to create sustainable pedagogy practices. In this book about e-learning, invited authors analyze the impacts of overarching issues facing educators across the globe to rethink how they deliver content and assess students' learning. A global community of scholars and researchers contributed twenty chapters to examine artificial intelligence, alternative assessments, education policy, creative technology, creative lesson plans, and emerging workforce trends to foster emerging paradigms in the post-pandemic era.

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