Kyeong Kang

University of Technology Sydney

Dr. Kyeong Kang is an academic in Australia. She received a Ph.D. in Computing Sciences, and her research focuses on e-commerce, e-service, digital service platforms, and human–technology innovation in diverse cultures. As a leading researcher, she completed projects for the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIS) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). She is currently conducting a project for the Asian Productivity Organization (APO). Her research contributions are well-known internationally. As a visiting scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Kang engaged in the ICT international development project. Additionally, she is an editor of the book E-commerce.

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E-service is an increasingly popular business practice and a critical part of supporting the global information society. The Digital Service Platforms book reduces the ambiguity about e-service by clarifying how to take advantage of it as well as how to overcome barriers and issues. It includes ten chapters in three subject areas: e-service and social media, e-service concepts, and e-service quality and development. Chapters cover such topics as organization-community relationships, systematic e-service innovation, social media ecosystems, accessibility experience design, Industry 4.0, public e-employment services in different countries, and more.

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