Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

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1. Knowledge Based Expert Systems in Bioinformatics

By Mohamed Radhouene Aniba and Julie D. Thompson

Part of book: Expert Systems

2. Introduction to Kalman Filter and Its Applications

By Youngjoo Kim and Hyochoong Bang

Part of book: Introduction and Implementations of the Kalman Filter

3. Computational Fluid Dynamics

By Victor Udoewa and Vinod Kumar

Part of book: Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics

4. The Monte Carlo Techniques and the Complex Probability Paradigm

By Abdo Abou Jaoude

Part of book: Forecasting in Mathematics - Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications

5. Power Flow Analysis

By Mohammed Albadi

Part of book: Computational Models in Engineering

6. Model Predictive Control mit MATLAB® und Simulink®

By Rainer Dittmar

Part of book: Model Predictive Control mit MATLAB und Simulink - Model Predictive Control with MATLAB and Simulink

7. Digital Image Processing with MATLAB

By Mahmut Sinecen

Part of book: Applications from Engineering with MATLAB Concepts

8. Atmospheric Propagation Model for Satellite Communications

By Ali Mohammed Al-Saegh, A. Sali, J. S. Mandeep, Alyani Ismail, Abdulmajeed H.J. Al-Jumaily and Chandima Gomes

Part of book: MATLAB Applications for the Practical Engineer

9. Design, Simulation, and Control of a Hexapod Robot in Simscape Multibody

By Claudio Urrea, Luis Valenzuela and John Kern

Part of book: Applications from Engineering with MATLAB Concepts

10. Bibliometric Method for Mapping the State-of-the-Art and Identifying Research Gaps and Trends in Literature: An Essential Instrument to Support the Development of Scientific Projects

By Otávio José de Oliveira, Fabio Francisco da Silva, Fernando Juliani, Luis César Ferreira Motta Barbosa and Thaís Vieira Nunhes

Part of book: Scientometrics Recent Advances