Francisco Bulnes

Investigación Internacional Avanzada en Matemáticas e Ingeniería (IINAMEI)

Dr. Francisco Bulnes, Ph.D., is IINAMEI Director, Mathematics Research Centre, Mexico. He is a member of various international committees of science and serves as a reviewer and editor for British and American journals of mathematics and physics. He is head of the Research Department, GI-TESCHA. He has published more than 100 papers and several books in mathematics and physics. Dr. Bulnes has many theories, theorems, and math objects to his credit. He has received various honors and awards from universities as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. He received the Doctor Honoris Causa in Education Philosophy and is a Peace Ambassador for ODAEE in Frankfurt, Germany. He is also a distinguished member of the Czech Republic Mathematics Society (JCFM). He obtained two post-doctorates in Mathematics in Cuba and Russia. His research interests include electronics, microelectronics, and spintronics.

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A numerical simulation is a computing calculation following a program that develops a mathematical model for a physical, social, economic, or biological system. Numerical simulations are required for analyzing and studying the behavior of systems whose mathematical models are very complex, as in the case of nonlinear systems. Capturing the resulting uncertainty of models based on uncertain parameters and constraints in confidence intervals (1-D), or more generally (>1-D) confidence regions, is very common for expressing to which degree the computed result is believed to be consistent with possible values of the targeted observable. This book examines the different methods used in numerical simulations, including adaptive and stochastic methods as well as finite element analysis research. This work is accompanied by studies of confidence regions, often utilized to express the credibility of such calculations and simulations.

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