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1. Bioinformatics Workflows for Genomic Variant Discovery, Interpretation and Prioritization

By Osman Ugur Sezerman, Ege Ulgen, Nogayhan Seymen and Ilknur Melis Durasi

Part of book: Bioinformatics Tools for Detection and Clinical Interpretation of Genomic Variations [Working Title]

2. Pharmacological Effects and Utility as a Food Additive of Calcium Alginate

By Fumiyoshi Kasahara, Yoko Idota, Yuuki Fukai, Chihaya Kakinuma and Takuo Ogihara

Part of book: Alginates [Working Title]

3. Study of the Cytotoxic Activity of Haarlem Oil on Different Cell Lines and a Higher Organism, Steinernema feltiae

By Khairan Khairan, Torsten Burkholz, Mareike Kelkel, Vincent Jamier, Karl-Herbert Schäfer and Claus Jacob

Part of book: Cytotoxicity [Working Title]

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1. Water Pollution: Effects, Prevention, and Climatic Impact

By Inyinbor Adejumoke A., Adebesin Babatunde O., Oluyori Abimbola P., Adelani-Akande Tabitha A., Dada Adewumi O. and Oreofe Toyin A.

Part of book: Water Challenges of an Urbanizing World

2. The Methods for Detection of Biofilm and Screening Antibiofilm Activity of Agents

By Sahra Kırmusaoğlu

Part of book: Antimicrobials, Antibiotic Resistance, Antibiofilm Strategies and Activity Methods

3. Underlying Causes of Paresthesia

By Mahdi Sharif-Alhoseini, Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar and Alexander R. Vaccaro

Part of book: Paresthesia

4. Domestic Livestock and Its Alleged Role in Climate Change

By Albrecht Glatzle

Part of book: Forage Groups

5. Microbial Interactions in Biofilms: Impacts on Homeostasis and Pathogenesis

By Yung-Hua Li and Xiao-Lin Tian

Part of book: Microbial Biofilms - Importance and Applications

6. Impact of Harsh Environmental Conditions on Nodule Formation and Dinitrogen Fixation of Legumes

By Mohamed Hemida Abd-Alla, Ahmed A. Issa and Takuji Ohyama

Part of book: Advances in Biology and Ecology of Nitrogen Fixation

7. Modes of Action of Different Classes of Herbicides

By Shariq I. Sherwani, Ibrahim A. Arif and Haseeb A. Khan

Part of book: Herbicides, Physiology of Action, and Safety

8. Flavonoids: Classification, Biosynthesis and Chemical Ecology

By Erica L. Santos, Beatriz Helena L.N. Sales Maia, Aurea P. Ferriani and Sirlei Dias Teixeira

Part of book: Flavonoids - From Biosynthesis to Human Health

9. Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies

By Sumit Chakravarty, S. K. Ghosh, C. P. Suresh, A. N. Dey and Gopal Shukla

Part of book: Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management

10. Dynamics of Ruminant Livestock Management in the Context of the Nigerian Agricultural System

By O.A. Lawal-Adebowale

Part of book: Livestock Production