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1. Genetic Improvement of Bread Wheat for Stem Rust Resistance in the Central Federal Region of Russia: Results and Prospects

By Inna Lapochkina, Olga Baranova, Nail Gainullin, Michael Kuzmich, Svetlana Polyakova, Petr Polityko, Ramin Mamedov and Sergey Voronov

Part of book: Global Wheat Production

2. Quality Assessment of Feed Wheat in Ruminant Diets

By Wenzhu Yang and Yizhao Shen

Part of book: Global Wheat Production

3. Effect of Phosphorus on Root Signaling of Wheat under Different Water Regimes

By Mukhtar Ahmed, Sehrish Khan, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Aqeel Aslam, Ghulam Shabbir and Shakeel Ahmad

Part of book: Global Wheat Production

4. Role of Osmolytes and Antioxidant Enzymes for Drought Tolerance in Wheat

By Muhammad Javid Iqbal

Part of book: Global Wheat Production

5. Mutant Resources of Spring Wheat to Improve Grain Quality and Morphology

By Saule Kenzhebayeva, Gulina Doktyrbay, Fatma Sarsu, Nargul Omirbekova, Alfia Abekova and Dauren Tashenev

Part of book: Global Wheat Production

6. Nitrogen Losses: Gaseous and Leached Nitrogen Balance

By Arritokieta Ortuzar-Iragorri, Ander Castellón, Gerardo Besga, Ana Aizpurua, Teresa Fuertes-Mendizabal and Jose M. Estavillo

Part of book: Global Wheat Production

7. Wheat Sensitivity to Nitrogen Supply under Different Climatic Conditions

By Veres Szilvia, Ondrasek Gabrijel and Zsombik László

Part of book: Global Wheat Production

8. The Role of Tyrosine Kinases in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Lung Disease

By Jonathan Lam and Stewart J. Levine

Part of book: Advances in Protein Kinases

9. Enzymology and Regulation of ArfGAPs and ArfGEFs

By Peng Zhai, Xiaoying Jian, Ruibai Luo and Paul A. Randazzo

Part of book: Crosstalk and Integration of Membrane Trafficking Pathways

10. Replicative Helicases as the Central Organizing Motor Proteins in the Molecular Machines of the Elongating Eukaryotic Replication Fork

By John C. Fisk, Michaelle D. Chojnacki and Thomas Melendy

Part of book: The Mechanisms of DNA Replication