Immunology and Microbiology

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1. Soft Ticks as Pathogen Vectors: Distribution, Surveillance and Control

By Raúl Manzano-Román, Verónica Díaz-Martín, José de la Fuente and Ricardo Pérez-Sánchez

Part of book: Parasitology

2. Recent Application of Probiotics in Food and Agricultural Science

By Danfeng Song, Salam Ibrahim and Saeed Hayek

Part of book: Probiotics

3. Encapsulation Technology to Protect Probiotic Bacteria

By María Chávarri, Izaskun Marañón and María Carmen Villarán

Part of book: Probiotics


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Autoimmunity of Gastrointestinal Tract

By Anna Pituch-Noworolska and Monika Mach-Tomalska

Part of book: Immunopathogenesis and Immune-based Therapy for Selected Autoimmune Disorders

2. Antimicrobial Resistance Arising from Food-Animal Productions and Its Mitigation

By Lingling Wang and Zhongtang Yu

Part of book: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

3. Recent Progress in Noncompetitive Hapten Immunoassays: A Review

By Mingtao Fan and Jiang He

Part of book: Trends in Immunolabelled and Related Techniques

4. Antibiotic Resistance Patterns in Faecal E. coli: A Longitudinal Cohort-Control Study of Hospitalized Horses

By Mohamed O. Ahmed, Nicola J. Williams, Peter D. Clegg, Keith E. Baptiste and Malcolm Bennett

Part of book: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

5. Ferret TNF-α and IFN-γ Immunoassays

By Alyson Ann Kelvin, David Banner, Ali Danesh, Charit Seneviratne, Atsuo Ochi and David Joseph Kelvin

Part of book: Trends in Immunolabelled and Related Techniques

6. Elisas for Rotavirus Diagnosis, Typing, and Analysis of Antibody Response

By Luis Padilla-Noriega

Part of book: Trends in Immunolabelled and Related Techniques

7. Killer Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors and Their Ligands

By Roberto Biassoni, Irene Vanni and Elisabetta Ugolotti

Part of book: Histocompatibility

8. Single-Molecule Force Microscopy: A Potential Tool for the Mapping of Polysaccharides in Plant Cell Walls

By Julian C. Thimm, Laurence D. Melton and David J. Burritt

Part of book: Atomic Force Microscopy Investigations into Biology

9. Mitochondrial Proteomics: From Structure to Function

By Bernardo A. Petriz, Jeeser A. Almeida, Mirna S. Freire, Luiz A. O. Rocha, Taia M. B. Rezende and Octavio L. Franco

Part of book: Proteomics

10. Stability of Antibiotic Resistance Patterns in Agricultural Pastures: Lessons from Kentucky, USA

By Sloane Ritchey, Siva Gandhapudi and Mark Coyne

Part of book: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria