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1. Food Contamination

By Anna Abdolshahi and Behdad Shokrollahi Yancheshmeh

Part of book: Mycotoxins and Food Safety [Working Title]

2. Innate Immunity and Autoimmune Diseases

By Marcela Catalina Fandiño Vargas

Part of book: Innate Immunity in Health and Disease [Working Title]

3. Antibiotic Resistance in Biofilm

By Sadık Dincer, Fatima Masume Uslu and Anil Delik

Part of book: Bacterial Biofilms [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Recent Application of Probiotics in Food and Agricultural Science

By Danfeng Song, Salam Ibrahim and Saeed Hayek

Part of book: Probiotics

2. Encapsulation Technology to Protect Probiotic Bacteria

By María Chávarri, Izaskun Marañón and María Carmen Villarán

Part of book: Probiotics

3. Interferences in Immunoassays

By Johan Schiettecatte, Ellen Anckaert and Johan Smitz

Part of book: Advances in Immunoassay Technology


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Physiology and Pathology of Innate Immune Response Against Pathogens

By José Luis Muñoz Carrillo, Flor Pamela Castro García, Oscar Gutiérrez Coronado, María Alejandra Moreno García and Juan Francisco Contreras Cordero

Part of book: Physiology and Pathology of Immunology

2. Antibiotic Use in Poultry Production and Its Effects on Bacterial Resistance

By Christian Agyare, Vivian Etsiapa Boamah, Crystal Ngofi Zumbi and Frank Boateng Osei

Part of book: Antimicrobial Resistance - A Global Threat

3. Staphylococcus aureus: Overview of Bacteriology, Clinical Diseases, Epidemiology, Antibiotic Resistance and Therapeutic Approach

By Arumugam Gnanamani, Periasamy Hariharan and Maneesh Paul- Satyaseela

Part of book: Frontiers in Staphylococcus aureus

4. Macrophages: The Potent Immunoregulatory Innate Immune Cells

By Vijay Kumar

Part of book: Macrophage Activation - Biology and Disease

5. Cytokine Profiling Plays a Crucial Role in Activating Immune System to Clear Infectious Pathogens

By José Luis Muñoz-Carrillo, Juan Francisco Contreras-Cordero, Oscar Gutiérrez-Coronado, Paola Trinidad Villalobos-Gutiérrez, Luis Guillermo Ramos-Gracia and Viridiana Elizabeth Hernández-Reyes

Part of book: Immune Response Activation and Immunomodulation

6. Development of Antibiotic Resistance in Wastewater Treatment Plants

By Fateme Barancheshme and Mariya Munir

Part of book: Antimicrobial Resistance - A Global Threat

7. B Lymphocyte as a Target of Bacterial Infections

By Jorge Ismael Castañeda-Sánchez, Ana Rosa Muñoz Duarte, María Lilia Domínguez-López, Juan José de la Cruz-López and Julieta Luna-Herrera

Part of book: Lymphocyte Updates - Cancer, Autoimmunity and Infection

8. The Methods for Detection of Biofilm and Screening Antibiofilm Activity of Agents

By Sahra Kırmusaoğlu

Part of book: Antimicrobials, Antibiotic Resistance, Antibiofilm Strategies and Activity Methods

9. Ways to Reach Lower Detection Limits of Lateral Flow Immunoassays

By Anatoly V. Zherdev and Boris B. Dzantiev

Part of book: Rapid Test - Advances in Design, Format and Diagnostic Applications

10. Dendritic Cells: Location, Function, and Clinical Implications

By Andrés Castell-Rodríguez, Gabriela Piñón-Zárate, Miguel Herrera- Enríquez, Katia Jarquín-Yáñez and Iliana Medina-Solares

Part of book: Biology of Myelomonocytic Cells