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1. Goat System Productions: Advantages and Disadvantages to the Animal, Environment and Farmer

By António Monteiro, José Manuel Costa and Maria João Lima

Part of book: Goat Science

2. Proteomic Analysis of Goat Milk

By Proteomic Analysis of Goat Milk

Part of book: Goat Science

3. Bioactive Compounds in Goat Milk and Cheese: The Role of Feeding System and Breed

By Salvatore Claps, Roberta Rossi, Adriana Di Trana, Maria Antonietta di Napoli, Daniela Giorgio and Lucia Sepe

Part of book: Goat Science

4. Nutritional and Health Profile of Goat Products: Focus on Health Benefits of Goat Milk

By Maria João Reis Lima, Edite Teixeira-Lemos, Jorge Oliveira, Luís P. Teixeira-Lemos, António M.C. Monteiro and José M. Costa

Part of book: Goat Science

5. Iodine Deficiency in Goats

By Rajinder Kumar Bhardwaj

Part of book: Goat Science

6. Directed Differentation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Combination of Biomaterials

By Huihui Wang, Xiaojing Xu, Rong Ye and Huanxiang Zhang

Part of book: Methodological Advances in the Culture, Manipulation and Utilization of Embryonic Stem Cells for Basic and Practical Applications

7. Ethnic Difference in Lipid Profiles

By Lei Zhang, Qing Qiao and Yanhu Dong

Part of book: Dyslipidemia

8. Role of Triglyceride/Fatty Acid Cycle in Development of Type 2 Diabetes

By Chang-Wen Hsieh, David DeSantis and Colleen M Croniger

Part of book: Role of the Adipocyte in Development of Type 2 Diabetes

9. The Role of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Shoulder Disorders

By Raoul Saggini, Simona Maria Carmignano, Lucia Cosenza, Tommaso Palermo and Rosa Grazia Bellomo

Part of book: Advances in Shoulder Surgery

10. Molecular Genetics and Genome Biology of Goats

By Kingsley Ekwemalor, Sarah Adjei-Fremah, Emmanuel Asiamah and Mulumebet Worku

Part of book: Goat Science