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1. Floating Drug Delivery Systems for Eradication of Helicobacter pylori in Treatment of Peptic Ulcer Disease

By Yousef Javadzadeh and Sanaz Hamedeyazdan

Part of book: Trends in Helicobacter pylori Infection

2. Pathophysiology of Gastric Ulcer Development and Healing: Molecular Mechanisms and Novel Therapeutic Options

By Matteo Fornai, Luca Antonioli, Rocchina Colucci, Marco Tuccori and Corrado Blandizzi

Part of book: Peptic Ulcer Disease

3. The Role of Intestinal Barrier Function in Early Life in the Development of Colitis

By R.C. Anderson, J.E. Dalziel, P.K. Gopal, S. Bassett, A. Ellis and N.C. Roy

Part of book: Colitis


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Colonoscopy — Indications and Contraindications

By Jigar Bhagatwala, Arpit Singhal, Summer Aldrugh, Muhammed Sherid, Humberto Sifuentes and Subbaramiah Sridhar

Part of book: Screening for Colorectal Cancer with Colonoscopy

2. Childhood Malnutrition in India

By Abhishek Singh

Part of book: Perspective of Recent Advances in Acute Diarrhea

3. Liver Biopsy After Liver Transplantation

By Alpna R. Limaye, Lisa R. Dixon and Roberto J. Firpi

Part of book: Liver Biopsy - Indications, Procedures, Results

4. Pancreas Physiology

By Jurij Dolenšek, Viljem Pohorec, Marjan Slak Rupnik and Andraž Stožer

Part of book: Challenges in Pancreatic Pathology

5. Anatomy of Esophagus

By Murat Ferhat Ferhatoglu and Taner Kıvılcım

Part of book: Esophageal Abnormalities

6. Biliary Dyspepsia: Functional Gallbladder and Sphincter of Oddi Disorders

By Meena Mathivanan, Liisa Meddings and Eldon A. Shaffer

Part of book: Dyspepsia - Advances in Understanding and Management

7. Ascites: Treatment, Complications, and Prognosis

By Patricia Huelin, Jose Ignacio Fortea, Javier Crespo and Emilio Fábrega

Part of book: Ascites - Physiopathology, Treatment, Complications and Prognosis

8. Management of Secretory Diarrhea

By Claudia Velázquez, Fernando Calzada, Mirandeli Bautista and Juan A. Gayosso

Part of book: Current Concepts in Colonic Disorders

9. Diet in the Etiology and Management of Functional Dyspepsia

By Jan Pen

Part of book: Dyspepsia - Advances in Understanding and Management

10. Delayed Appendectomy is Safe in Patients with Acute Nonperforated Appendicitis

By Sung Il Choi

Part of book: Current Issues in the Diagnostics and Treatment of Acute Appendicitis