Qiang Yan

Zhejiang University China

Qiang Yan, MD, FACS, is the vice president of Huzhou Central Hospital and academic leader of the Department of General Surgery and the Department of Hepatopancreatic and Biliary Surgery, Huzhou Central Hospital, Affiliated Huzhou Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Huzhou, China. He is a fellow of the Chinese College of Surgeons and a core member of the Committee of Biliary Surgeons, Committee of Minimal and Non-invasive Surgeons, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), and many other academic associations. He is also an editorial board member of the Chinese Journal of General Surgery, Liver Cancer, and the Chinese Journal of Clinicians. He is enrolled in the Zhejiang Province New Century 151 Excellent Talents Program. He has finished advanced studies for hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery at Medical Center, Stanford University and Affiliated Hospital, Regensburg University. He got the certificate of Surgical Leadership Program of Harvard Medical School in September 2019. He has more than thirty publications to his credit.

Qiang Yan

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Biliary tract disease is a common digestive system disease worldwide that can present with mild clinical signs or be life-threatening. This book discusses the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management of four common bile diseases: common bile duct stones (CBDS), choledochal cyst (CC), gallbladder cancer (GBCa), and bile duct injury (BDI).

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