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1. The Role of the Amygdala in Anxiety Disorders

By Gina L. Forster, Andrew M. Novick, Jamie L. Scholl and Michael J. Watt

Part of book: The Amygdala

2. Visual Field Map Organization in Human Visual Cortex

By Alyssa A. Brewer and Brian Barton

Part of book: Visual Cortex

3. Sequential Versus Simultaneous Processing Deficits in Developmental Dyslexia

By Marie Lallier and Sylviane Valdois

Part of book: Dyslexia


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1. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome: How Stress Can Affect the Amygdala Activity and the Brain-Gut Axis

By Bruno Bonaz, Sonia Pellissier, Valérie Sinniger, Didier Clarençon, André Peinnequin and Frédéric Canini

Part of book: The Amygdala

2. Amygdala Strengthening of Cortical Memory Representations

By Candice M. Chavez, James L. McGaugh and Norman M. Weinberger

Part of book: The Amygdala

3. On the Specific Role of the Occipital Cortex in Scene Perception

By Carole Peyrin and Benoit Musel

Part of book: Visual Cortex

4. Role of Feedforward and Feedback Projections in Figure-Ground Responses

By Marina Arall, August Romeo and Hans Supèr

Part of book: Visual Cortex

5. Traumatic Experiences Disrupt Amygdala – Prefrontal Connectivity

By Dong Hoon Oh

Part of book: The Amygdala

6. Neuroimaging of the Amygdala: Quantitative Mechanistic Approach

By Miguel Ángel Bertoni

Part of book: The Amygdala

7. Basal Ganglia and the Error Monitoring and Processing System: How Alcohol Modulates the Error Monitoring and Processing Capacity of the Basal Ganglia

By M.O. Welcome and V.A. Pereverzev

Part of book: Basal Ganglia

8. The Experimental Manipulation of Visual Cortex Efferents

By I. Gerrikagoitia, B. Rienda and L. Martínez-Millán

Part of book: Visual Cortex

9. MRI RF-Induced Heating in Heterogeneous Human Body with Implantable Medical Device

By Ran Guo, Jianfeng Zheng and Ji Chen

Part of book: High-Resolution Neuroimaging

10. The Role of Phonological Processing in Dyslexia in the Spanish Language

By Juan E. Jimenez

Part of book: Dyslexia