Taeko Wydell

Brunel University London United Kingdom

Professor Taeko N. Wydell is a professor in cognitive neuroscience/neuropsychology, and Co-Director of the Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging (CCNI) at Brunel University, UK. Her research interests include: Cognitive and neural processes involved in language, in particular, reading using behavioural and brain imaging (EEG, MEG, & fMRI) techniques; Normal and impaired language/reading processes including developmental dyslexia, acquired dyslexia (with neurological patients), and SLI (Specific Language impairment) in different languages (e.g., Chinese, English, Finnish, & Japanese) and Bilingual’s language/reading processes. Professor Wydell is an internationally recognised researcher who has established several international collaborations in Europe and Asia-Pacific. She has many prestigious publications in journals such as Cognition, Cortex, JEP:LMC, J. of Cognitive Neuroscience, and Reading & Writing.

Taeko Wydell

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This book brings together dyslexia research from different perspectives and from different parts of the world, with the aim of providing a valuable source of information to medical professionals specializing in paediatrics, audiology, psychiatry and neurology as well as general practitioners, to psychologists who specialise in developmental psychology, clinical psychology or educational psychology, to other professions such as school health professionals and educators, and to those who may be interested in research into developmental dyslexia. It provides a comprehensive overview of Developmental Dyslexia, its clinical presentation, pathophysiology and epidemiology, as well as detailed descriptions of particular aspects of the condition. It covers all aspects of the field from underlying aetiology to currently available, routinely used diagnostic tests and intervention strategies, and addresses important social, cultural and quality of life issues.

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