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Dr. Davide Vito Moretti is a consultant neurologist and senior researcher at the National Institute of Research and Cure for Mental Disorders and Dementia, St. John of God Institute, Brescia, Italy. Since 2014, he is a professor of Neurophysiology at the UniLudes University in Lugano. He received his medical degree from the Catholic University in Rome and completed his residency in neurology and fellowship in movement disorders at the State University in Trieste. Moreover, he received his PhD in Neurophysiology at the Sapienza University of Rome. Dr. Moretti is currently involved in research and care of subjects with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the Memory Clinic/Alzheimer Operative Unit of the St. John of God Institute. Moreover, he is the chief of the clinical neurophysiology unit and of the Alzheimer’s disease rehabilitation operative unit. Since March 2015, he is also the head of the whole rehabilitation in dementia line research in the St. John of God Institute. His research is primarily concerned about Alzheimer’s disease both in prodromic and in clinically evident phase of the disease, Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, and clinical neurophysiology.

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The dementia challenge is the largest health effort of the times we live in. The whole society has to move to a realization of the significance of prioritization to make an attempt in the direction of mental health promotion and dementia risk reduction. New priorities for research are needed to go far beyond the usual goal of constructing a disease course-modifying medication. Moreover, a full empowerment and engagement of men and women living with dementia and their caregivers, overcoming stigma and discrimination should be promoted. The common efforts and the final aim will have to be the progress of a ''dementia-constructive'' world, where people with dementia can take advantage of equal opportunities.

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