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University of Belgrade

Dr. Ana Starcevic is an Assistant Professor of Anatomy and researcher at the Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade. She holds PhD in Molecular medicine and has extensive experience and expertise in Basic and Applied Neuroscience. Translational approach in neuroscience is one of her main research goals, as it bridges the gap between basic investigations of different mental conditions and psychological operations such as cognitive to human social behavior. Dr. Starcevic is also a Psychiatry specialist who worked with individuals with Posttraumatic stress disorder and Transgender people. Dr. Ana Starcevic is a member of Serbian Medical Society, Serbian Anatomical Society, Serbian Psychiatric Society, European Society for Traumatic Studies (ESTSS), International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS). She is the author of a large number of peer reviewed papers and the regular speaker at the international scientific conferences.

Ana Starcevic

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Trauma presents as a negative experience or situation of an individual in which coping mechanisms do not always work perfectly. This leads to the appearance of disturbing behavior, thinking, or developing disorders in the area of mental illnesses. Psychological trauma is related to chronic and repetitive experiences and the term and situation that refer to it must be consider objectively because it is up to each survivor to determine if it is traumatic. Future studies in the area of psychological trauma need to be conducted with the aim of defining anatomical correlates of stress and its underlying pathophysiological mechanisms.

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