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1. Thiazole Moiety: An Interesting Scaffold for Developing New Antitumoral Compounds

By Sandra Ramos-Inza, Carlos Aydillo, Carmen Sanmartín and Daniel Plano

Part of book: Heterocycles - Synthesis and Biological Activities [Working Title]

2. Introductory Chapter: Chirality from Molecular Electronic States

By Takashiro Akitsu

Part of book: Chirality from Molecular Electronic States [Working Title]

3. Sorption of Heavy Metals on Clay Minerals and Oxides: A Review

By Ifeoma Ugwu and Onyedika Igbokwe

Part of book: Advanced Sorption Process Applications [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

Chapter titleDownloads
1. Research of Calcium Phosphates Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

By Liga Berzina-Cimdina and Natalija Borodajenko

Part of book: Infrared Spectroscopy

2. Applications of FTIR on Epoxy Resins - Identification, Monitoring the Curing Process, Phase Separation and Water Uptake

By María González González, Juan Carlos Cabanelas and Juan Baselga

Part of book: Infrared Spectroscopy

3. Application of Infrared Spectroscopy to Analysis of Chitosan/Clay Nanocomposites

By Suédina M.L. Silva, Carla R.C. Braga, Marcus V.L. Fook, Claudia M.O. Raposo, Laura H. Carvalho and Eduardo L. Canedo

Part of book: Infrared Spectroscopy


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Principles of Titrimetric Analyses According to Generalized Approach to Electrolytic Systems (GATES)

By Anna Maria Michałowska‐Kaczmarczyk, Aneta Spórna‐Kucab and Tadeusz Michałowski

Part of book: Advances in Titration Techniques

2. Anthocyanin Pigments: Importance, Sample Preparation and Extraction

By Julia Martín, María José Navas, Ana María Jiménez-Moreno and Agustín G. Asuero

Part of book: Phenolic Compounds

3. Phenolic Compounds in Water: Sources, Reactivity, Toxicity and Treatment Methods

By William W. Anku, Messai A. Mamo and Penny P. Govender

Part of book: Phenolic Compounds

4. Crystalline Nanocellulose — Preparation, Modification, and Properties

By Mikaela Börjesson and Gunnar Westman

Part of book: Cellulose

5. Application of Quality by Design Paradigm to the Manufacture of Protein Therapeutics

By Ioscani Jimenez del Val, Philip M. Jedrzejewski, Kealan Exley, Si Nga Sou, Sarantos Kyriakopoulos, Karen M. Polizzi and Cleo Kontoravdi

Part of book: Glycosylation

6. New Catalytic Systems for Fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Valuable Poly(Alkylene Carbonates)

By Bahareh Bahramian and Fariba Dehghani

Part of book: Advanced Catalytic Materials

7. Saponin-Based, Biological-Active Surfactants from Plants

By Dorota Kregiel, Joanna Berlowska, Izabela Witonska, Hubert Antolak, Charalampos Proestos, Mirko Babic, Ljiljana Babic and Bolin Zhang

Part of book: Application and Characterization of Surfactants

8. Degradation of Phenolic Compounds Through UV and Visible- Light-Driven Photocatalysis: Technical and Economic Aspects

By Pankaj Chowdhury, Sharmistha Nag and Ajay K. Ray

Part of book: Phenolic Compounds

9. Phosphoric Acid Industry: Problems and Solutions

By Benjamín Valdez Salas, Michael Schorr Wiener and Juan Ricardo Salinas Martinez

Part of book: Phosphoric Acid Industry

10. Transition Metal Complexes with Antipyrine‐Derived Schiff Bases: Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity

By Elena Mihaela Pahontu

Part of book: Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Researches of Metal Compounds