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1. Research of Calcium Phosphates Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

By Liga Berzina-Cimdina and Natalija Borodajenko

Part of book: Infrared Spectroscopy

2. Applications of FTIR on Epoxy Resins - Identification, Monitoring the Curing Process, Phase Separation and Water Uptake

By María González González, Juan Carlos Cabanelas and Juan Baselga

Part of book: Infrared Spectroscopy

3. Infrared Spectroscopy in the Analysis of Building and Construction Materials

By Lucia Fernández-Carrasco, D. Torrens-Martín, L.M. Morales and Sagrario Martínez-Ramírez

Part of book: Infrared Spectroscopy


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Symmetrical Pyridinium-Phanes and –Diazacyclophanes — Promising Heterocyclic Scaffolds for the Development of Anti-Leishmanial Agents

By Joaquín M. Campos, Verónica Gómez-Pérez, Santiago Castanys and Francisco Gamarro

Part of book: Scope of Selective Heterocycles from Organic and Pharmaceutical Perspective

2. Nonlinear Optical Phenomena in Smectic A Liquid Crystals

By Boris I. Lembrikov, David Ianetz and Yossef Ben Ezra

Part of book: Liquid Crystals

3. Photo-Assisted Organic Pollutants Sensing by a Wide Gap pn Heterojunction

By Yoshinobu Nakamura, Yusuke Morita, Yui Ishikura, Hidenori Takagi and Satoru Fujitsu

Part of book: Advances in Chemical Sensors

4. Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Diagnose Breast Cancer

By Tatjana Dramićanin and Miroslav Dramićanin

Part of book: Applications of Molecular Spectroscopy to Current Research in the Chemical and Biological Sciences

5. Geometry and Topology in Protein Interfaces -- Some Tools for Investigations

By Giovanni Feverati

Part of book: Oligomerization of Chemical and Biological Compounds

6. Vibrational and Optical Studies of Organic Conductor Nanoparticles

By Dominique de Caro, Kane Jacob, Matthieu Souque and Lydie Valade

Part of book: Vibrational Spectroscopy

7. Model Reduction Techniques for Chemical Mechanisms

By Terese Løvås

Part of book: Chemical Kinetics

8. FFLO and vortex states in superconductors with strong paramagnetic effect

By Masanori Ichioka, Kenta M. Suzuki, Yasumasa Tsutsumi and Kazushige Machida

Part of book: Superconductivity

9. Electrochemical Reduction, Oxidation and Molecular Ions of 3,3´-bi(2-R-5,5-dimethy-1-4- oxopyrrolinylidene) 1,1´-dioxides

By Leonid A. Shundrin

Part of book: Recent Trend in Electrochemical Science and Technology

10. Unheated and Heated Batch Methods in Ion Exchange of Clinoptilolite

By Tevfik Ünaldı and Selahattin Kadir

Part of book: Ion Exchange Technologies