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1. Removal of an Azo Textile Dye from Wastewater by Cyclodextrin-Epichlorohydrin Polymers

By Paola Semeraro, José Antonio Gabaldón, Paola Fini, Estrella Núňez, José Antonio Pellicer, Vito Rizzi and Pinalysa Cosma

Part of book: Cyclodextrin

2. Current Status and Technological Limitations of Hybrid Superconducting-Normal Single Electron Transistors

By Giampiero Amato and Emanuele Enrico

Part of book: Superconductivity

3. Synthesis of Chemical Elements and Solid Structures in Atomic- Nuclear Reactions in Dense Gas-Metal Systems Irradiated by γ Rays

By Roland Wiśniewski

Part of book: Principles and Applications in Nuclear Engineering

4. Cyclodextrins: Past and Present

By Julia Martin, Enrique Jacobo Díaz-Montaña and Agustín G. Asuero

Part of book: Cyclodextrin

5. Effect of KNO3 Molten Bath Na Enrichment on the Mechanical Performances of Ion-exchanged Soda-Lime-Silicate Glass

By Hamid Hassani and Vincenzo M. Sglavo

Part of book: Ion Exchange

6. Complexation Study of Uranyl Ion with Dissolved Organic Matter in Natural Freshwater by Fluorescence Quenching Techniques

By Bingqi Zhu and David Ryan

Part of book: Principles and Applications in Nuclear Engineering

7. Understanding Sorption Behavior and Properties of Radionuclides in the Environment

By Roger Saint-Fort

Part of book: Principles and Applications in Nuclear Engineering

8. Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis as an Information Base for Human Proteome

By Stanislav Naryzhny

Part of book: Electrophoresis

9. The Use of Gel Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry to Identify Nitroproteins in Nervous System Tumors

By Xianquan Zhan and Na Li

Part of book: Electrophoresis

10. Electrophoresis in the Comet Assay

By Gunnar Brunborg, Linn Rolstadaas and Kristine B. Gutzkow

Part of book: Electrophoresis