Takashiro Akitsu

Tokyo University of Science

Takashiro Akitsu, Ph.D., is now a professor in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Division II, Tokyo University of Science, Japan. Studying crystal and electronic structures of chiral copper complexes, he graduated from Osaka University and obtained his Ph.D. in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry in 2000. Dr. Akitsu studied at the Institute for Protein Research (metalloproteins), Keio University (photo and magnetic functional organic/inorganic hybrid compounds), and Stanford University (physical and bioinorganic chemistry) before moving to Tokyo University of Science. He has published 220 articles and book chapters. He has also served as an editorial board member and peer reviewer for many journals and was involved in the organizing committees for several international conferences.

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Chirality is a concept related not only to organic chemistry but also to each field of natural science. Awareness of hierarchy is important for universal and comprehensive understanding. As such, this book examines myriad subjects related to chirality in chemistry and interdisciplinary applications. In contrast to the previous book, this new book about chirality includes contributions from authors in many fields of natural science, providing a wider overview. The book’s focus is chirality and organic chemistry, including synthesis and reactions.

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