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1. Characterization and Properties of Chitosan

By Elson Santiago de Alvarenga

Part of book: Biotechnology of Biopolymers

2. Gum Arabic: More Than an Edible Emulsifier

By Mariana A. Montenegro, María L. Boiero, Lorena Valle and Claudio D. Borsarelli

Part of book: Products and Applications of Biopolymers

3. Pharmaceutically Used Plasticizers

By Eva Snejdrova and Milan Dittrich

Part of book: Recent Advances in Plasticizers


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1. HyStem®: A Unique Clinical Grade Hydrogel for Present and Future Medical Applications

By Thomas I. Zarembinski and Aleksander Skardal

Part of book: Hydrogels - Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications

2. Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels: An Interdisciplinary Overview

By Sudipta Chatterjee and Patrick Chi-leung Hui

Part of book: Hydrogels - Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications

3. Low-Cost Foods and Drugs Using Immobilized Enzymes on Biopolymers

By Magdy Elnashar

Part of book: Biopolymers

4. Decellularized ECM-Derived Hydrogels: Modification and Properties

By Jesús A. Claudio-Rizo, Jorge Delgado, Iraís A. Quintero-Ortega, José L. Mata-Mata and Birzabith Mendoza-Novelo

Part of book: Hydrogels

5. Hydrogels Based on Chitosan and Chitosan Derivatives for Biomedical Applications

By Kessily B. Rufato, Juliana P. Galdino, Kamila S. Ody, Antonio G.B. Pereira, Elisangela Corradini, Alessandro F. Martins, Alexandre T. Paulino, André R. Fajardo, Fauze A. Aouada, Felipe A. La Porta, Adley F. Rubira and Edvani C. Muniz

Part of book: Hydrogels - Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications

6. Hyaluronic-Based Antibacterial Hydrogel Coating for Implantable Biomaterials in Orthopedics and Trauma: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications

By Giammona Gaetano, Giovanna Pitarresi, Palumbo Fabio Salvatore, Maraldi Susanna, Scarponi Sara and Romanò Carlo Luca

Part of book: Hydrogels

7. Introductory Chapter: Hydrogels - From First Natural Hydrocolloids to Smart Biomaterials

By Lăcrămioara Popa, Mihaela Violeta Ghica and Cristina Elena Dinu-Pîrvu

Part of book: Hydrogels - Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications

8. Production of Fungal Chitosan by Enzymatic Method and Applications in Plant Tissue Culture and Tissue Engineering: 11 Years of Our Progress, Present Situation and Future Prospects

By Nitar Nwe, Tetsuya Furuike and Hiroshi Tamura

Part of book: Biopolymers

9. Hydrogels Applied for Conformance-Improvement Treatment of Oil Reservoirs

By Fernanda G. C. Tessarolli, Ailton S. Gomes and Claudia R. E. Mansur

Part of book: Hydrogels

10. Hydrogels Based on Polyvinylpyrrolidone Copolymers

By Oleh Suberlyak and Volodymyr Skorokhoda

Part of book: Hydrogels