Magdy M. Elnashar

Curtin University

Professor Magdy Elnashar is employed at the School of Medicine, Curtin University, Australia as well as the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Sciences, Egypt. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Leeds University, United Kingdom. Dr. Elnashar is the recipient of many awards in teaching, research, and commercialization from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Egypt. He also received the 2019 Australian Award for University Teaching. He has six patents and several research articles, books, and book chapters to his credit. His research expertise is in preparing/grafting hydrogels, immobilized enzymes, drug delivery systems, and nanoparticles/nanocomposites.

Magdy M. Elnashar

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This book discusses the synthesis, characterization and applications of biocomposites and nano-biocomposites. It focuses on recent studies, applications, and new technological developments in the fundamental properties of biocomposites. The book includes six chapters that address topics such as the biomedical applications and characterization of biopolymers, biocomposites, and nano-biocomposites.

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