Mohammad Luqman

King Saud University Saudi Arabia

Dr Mohammad Luqman is an Assistant Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department, King Saud University (KSU), Saudi Arabia. He teaches Polymer Science and Engineering courses. He was an Assistant Manager in Samsung Cheil Industries, South Korea, and worked on the development of heat resistant polymers, organic glass, and block copolymers as impact modifiers and compatibilizers for engineering polymers. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Artificial Muscle Research Center, Konkuk University, Korea. He earned his PhD in the field of Ionomers from Chosun University, Korea. Dr Luqman studied extensively the effects of various types of additives/plasticizers on the morphology and dynamic mechanical properties of ionomers. Dr Luqman is acting as a Regional (Middle East) Editor to an International Journal “Chemical and Environmental Research” and a Section Editor to “Journal of Industrial Research & Technology”.

Mohammad Luqman

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Plasticizers are used to increase the process-ability, flexibility, and durability of the material, and of course to reduce the cost in many cases. This edition covers introduction and applications of various types of plasticizers including those based on non-toxic and highly effective pyrrolidones, and a new source of Collagen based bio-plasticizers that can be obtained from discarded materials from a natural source; Jumbo Squid (Dosidicus gigas). It covers the application of plasticizers in plastic, ion-selective electrode/electrochemical sensor, transdermal drug delivery system, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors. This book can be used as an important reference by graduate students, and researchers, scientists, engineers and industrialists in polymer, electrochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental industries.

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