Casparus J.R. Verbeek

University of Auckland

Dr Verbeek is a Chemical Engineer, currently an associate professor at the School of Engineering at the University of Waikato and is also the R&D manager for Aduro Biopolymers. He has 20 years experience in waste and by-product valorisation with an emphasis on renewable materials and biological products. Since his tertiary studies, Johan’s knowledge in the engineering field of sustainable products has led to a number of innovative developments in the engineering industry. His research area covers a wide range of topics, such as polymer extrusion, rheology, material properties, protein analysis, chemical modification of proteins as well as protein composites and nano-composites.

Casparus  J.R. Verbeek

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It is interesting to consider that biopolymers are by no means new to this world. It is only because of our fascination with petrochemical products that these wonderful materials have been neglected for so long. Today we face a different challenge. Environmental pressure is pushing away from synthetic or petro-chemically derived products, while economic factors are pulling back from often more expensive "green" options. This book presents two aspects of biopolymers; potential products and some applications of biopolymers covering the current relevance of biopolymers.

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