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1. Fault Tolerant Flight Control Techniques with Application to a Quadrotor UAV Testbed

By Youmin Zhang and Abbas Chamseddine

Part of book: Automatic Flight Control Systems - Latest Developments

2. Nonequilibrium Plasma Aerodynamics

By Andrey Starikovskiy and Nickolay Aleksandrov

Part of book: Aeronautics and Astronautics

3. Fault Tolerant Flight Control, a Physical Model Approach

By Thomas Lombaerts, Ping Chu, Jan Albert (Bob) Mulder and Olaf Stroosma

Part of book: Advances in Flight Control Systems


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Helicopter Flight Physics

By Constantin Rotaru and Michael Todorov

Part of book: Flight Physics - Models, Techniques and Technologies

2. Effects of Automatic Flight Control System on Chinook Underslung Load Failures

By Marilena D. Pavel

Part of book: Automatic Flight Control Systems - Latest Developments

3. Additive Manufacturing of Polymer Matrix Composites

By Evren Yasa and Kıvılcım Ersoy

Part of book: Aircraft Technology

4. Plants in Space

By Bratislav Stankovic

Part of book: Into Space - A Journey of How Humans Adapt and Live in Microgravity

5. Passive Microwave Feed-Chains for High-Capacity Satellite Communications Systems

By Oscar Peverini, Giuseppe Virone, Riccardo Tascone and Giuseppe Addamo

Part of book: Advances in Satellite Communications

6. Review of Technologies to Achieve Sustainable (Green) Aviation

By Ramesh K. Agarwal

Part of book: Recent Advances in Aircraft Technology

7. New Antenna Array Architectures for Satellite Communications

By Miguel Alejandro Salas Natera, Andrés García Aguilar, Jonathan Mora Cueva, José Manuel Fernández, Pablo Padilla De La Torre, Javier García-Gasco Trujillo, Ramón Martínez Rodríguez-Osorio, Manuel Sierra-Perez, Leandro De Haro Ariet and Manuel Sierra Castañer

Part of book: Advances in Satellite Communications

8. Space Thermal and Vacuum Environment Simulation

By Roy Stevenson Soler Chisabas, Geilson Loureiro and Carlos de Oliveira Lino

Part of book: Space Flight

9. Stator-Rotor Interaction in Axial Turbine: Flow Physics and Design Perspective

By Paolo Gaetani

Part of book: Aircraft Technology

10. Aviation 4.0: More Safety through Automation and Digitization

By Rosa Arnaldo Valdés, Víctor Fernando Gómez Comendador, Alvaro Rodriguez Sanz and Javier Perez Castán

Part of book: Aircraft Technology