Vladimir Pletser

Director of Space Training Operations

Prof. Dr. Ir. Vladimir Pletser is currently Director of Space Training Operations at Blue Abyss, proposing new approaches for astronaut training. He was previously Visiting Professor and Scientific Adviser at the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, on microgravity research for parabolic flights and Chinese Space Station. He was also Senior Physicist-Engineer at the European Space Research and Technology Centre, European Space Agency, developing scientific instruments for microgravity research on the International Space Station and coordinating ESA aircraft parabolic flight campaigns. He logged more than 7350 parabolas, equivalent to 39h30m of weightlessness or 26 Earth orbits. Astronaut Candidate for Belgium, he trained as Payload Specialist at NASA-JSC and participated in three Mars mission simulations.

Vladimir Pletser

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This book explains how researchers design, prepare, develop, test and fly their science experiments on microgravity platforms before sending them to space. All preparation phases are explained and presented, including aircraft parabolic flights as part of spaceflight preparation. Twenty international authors, all experts in their own microgravity research field, contribute to chapters describing their experience to prepare experiments before space flights. Fields covered are Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. Physical Sciences covers fluid physics (vibration effects on diffusion; red blood cell dynamics; cavitation in microgravity; capillary driven flows) and material sciences (electromagnetic levitator onboard International Space Station). Life Sciences includes human physiology (sampling earlobe blood; human cardiovascular experiments; tumours in space) and neurophysiology (dexterous manipulation of objects in weightlessness).

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