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Aryavarta Space Organization India

Dr. Rushi Ghadawala is involved with the space industry since last couple of years. He has started his career as technical expert in Aerospace and gradually expanded his expertize over the space sector in different areas including life sciences and policy issues. His foundation, Aryavarta Space Organization is enhancing the capacity building and exploring the opportunities in R&D of Indian Space Sector. Through his organization, he is leading India on private space market on a global platform with the operations in India, UK and USA. He has also taken active part of many high level meetings and policy making working groups at international level, representing India in Space Sector. He is actively involved in various projects related to Space Debris, Energy & Cost Efficient Space Transportation System, Space Security & Global Concerns, Remote Sensing Applications in Disaster Management and preparing strategic recommendations for national space policy of India.

Rushi Ghadawala

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"Advances in Spacecraft Systems and Orbit Determinations", discusses the development of new technologies and the limitations of the present technology, used for interplanetary missions. Various experts have contributed to develop the bridge between present limitations and technology growth to overcome the limitations. Key features of this book inform us about the orbit determination techniques based on a smooth research based on astrophysics. The book also provides a detailed overview on Spacecraft Systems including reliability of low-cost AOCS, sliding mode controlling and a new view on attitude controller design based on sliding mode, with thrusters. It also provides a technological roadmap for HVAC optimization. The book also gives an excellent overview of resolving the difficulties for interplanetary missions with the comparison of present technologies and new advancements. Overall, this will be very much interesting book to explore the roadmap of technological growth in spacecraft systems.

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