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Tone Magister (1969) holds a Ph.D. in Technology of Air Transport and is currently employed by Slovenia Control, Slovenian air navigation services provider, as an adviser to the CEO, being responsible for the assurance of compliance with EU common requirements and particularly focused on performance modeling. Additionally, he actively takes part in the training of aviation professionals as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport of the University of Ljubljana. Until now he has also published some 150 academic and professional papers in the field of air transport, aviation safety and accident reconstruction. Raised in a family of aviators, he is a former pleasure glider pilot and an aircraft mechanic, also being occupied by airborne collision avoidance and unmanned aircraft systems research and development for the last 15 years. Among other, Tone Magister used to act as a member of Supervisory Boards of an Airline and the Air Navigation Services Provider and was also a President of Board of Directors of a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul organization.

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Provision of air navigation services entered a new era of performance scheme. The performance scheme provides binding targets on four key performance areas of safety, capacity, environment and cost-efficiency. It is imposed that targets are fully achieved, but it is not prescribed how, this being typical for the performance based and goal oriented regulation. Those key performance areas are interlaced by proportional and inversely proportional interdependencies. Namely, for example and simplified into one sentence; if one aims to increase sector capacity with existing human resources (constant staff costs) and not investing into the technology (constant support cost) to achieve improved cost-efficiency of service provision, the resulting overloaded system might unlock the Pandora box of latent safety issues. Since failure is not an option, we - the general, migrating and traveling public, airspace users, airport operators, air navigation services providers and the economy - will gain attaining the goals of performance scheme in the process. However, un-answered cardinal question is what is the winning strategy? This book provides do-not-forget-peculiarities insight into the elements of new business model of air navigation services provision as evolution of the latter became essential.

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