Melih Kushan

International Turkmen-Turkish University

Melih Cemal Kushan was born in July 04 1964 Erzurum Turkey. He has got BSc degree from Mechanical Engineering of Dokuzeylul University, MSc degree from Industrial Engineering of Anadolu University, PhD degree from Mechanical Engineering of Osmangazi University and Post Doct. Degree from Mechanical Engineering of James Cook University (Australia). He has got also more than 120 publications as book, article and paper about defence technology and aviation. Prof. Kushan is a researcher and lecturer in Eskisehir Osmangazi University now. He has finished 13 research projects.

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It is well known that improvements in space and aviation are the leader of today's technology, and the aircraft is the most important product of aviation. Because of this fact, the books on aircraft are always at the center of interest. In most cases, technologies designed for the aerospace industry are rapidly extending into other areas. For example, although composite materials are developed for the aerospace industry, these materials are not often used in aircraft. However, composite materials are utilized significantly in many different sectors, such as automotive, marine and civil engineering. And materials science in aviation, reliability and efficiency in aircraft technology have a major importance in aircraft design.

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