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Dr. Volkov is a senior lecturer in thermofluids at Kingston University, London, UK. He holds a Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Volkov worked at the Baltic State Technical University, Russia, University of Central Lancashire, UK, and University of Surrey, UK. His areas of expertise include the design and optimization of energy systems and modelling and simulation of turbulent multi-phase flows. He is a chartered engineer and member of the Institute of Physics, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Combustion Institute, and Higher Education Academy.

Konstantin Volkov

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Hypersonic flight vehicles have the potential to enable a range of future aviation and space missions. However, the extreme environmental conditions associated with high Mach number flight pose a major challenge for vehicle aerodynamics, materials and structures, and flight control, particularly within the hybrid ramjet/scramjet/rocket propulsion systems. The complexity of hypersonic vehicles requires closer coupling of aerodynamics and design principles with new materials development to achieve expanded levels of performance and structural durability. This book focuses on the fundamental disciplines and practical applications involved in the investigation, description, and analysis of super- and hypersonic aircraft flight including applied aerodynamics, aircraft propulsion, materials, and other topics.

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