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Scanning Electron Microscopy

Today, an individual would be hard-pressed to find any science field that does not employ methods and instruments based on the use of fine focused electron and ion beams. Well instrumented and supplemented with advanced methods and techniques, SEMs provide possibilities not only of surface imaging but quantitative measurement of object topologies, local electrophysical characteristics of semiconductor structures and performing elemental analysis. Moreover, a fine focused e-beam is widely used for the creation of micro and nanostructures. The book’s approach covers both theoretical and practical issues related to scanning electron microscopy. The book has 41 chapters, divided into six sections: Instrumentation, Methodology, Biology, Medicine, Material Science, Nanostructured Materials for Electronic Industry, Thin Films, Membranes, Ceramic, Geoscience, and Mineralogy. Each chapter, written by different authors, is a complete work which presupposes that readers have some background knowledge on the subject.

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Scanning Electron MicroscopyEdited by Viacheslav Kazmiruk

Published: March 9th 2012

DOI: 10.5772/1973

ISBN: 978-953-51-0092-8

eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-953-51-4329-1

Copyright year: 2012

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Open access peer-reviewed

1. Gaseous Scanning Electron Microscope (GSEM): Applications and Improvement

By Lahcen Khouchaf


Open access peer-reviewed

2. Interactions, Imaging and Spectra in SEM

By Rahul Mehta


Open access peer-reviewed

3. In Situ Experiments in the Scanning Electron Microscope Chamber

By Renaud Podor, Johann Ravaux and Henri-Pierre Brau


Open access peer-reviewed

4. Some Applications of Electron Back Scattering Diffraction (EBSD) in Materials Research

By Zhongwei Chen, Yanqing Yang and Huisheng Jiao


Open access peer-reviewed

5. Dopant Driven Electron Beam Lithography

By Timothy E. Kidd


Open access peer-reviewed

6. Palmtop EPMA

By Jun Kawai, Yasukazu Nakaye and Susumu Imashuku


Open access peer-reviewed

7. Adhesive Properties

By Anna Rudawska


Open access peer-reviewed

8. Contribution of Scanning Electron Microscope to the Study of Morphology, Biology, Reproduction, and Phylogeny of the Family Syllidae (Polychaeta)

By Guillermo San Martín and María Teresa Aguado


Open access peer-reviewed

9. Diversity of Lips and Associated Structures in Fishes by SEM

By Pinky Tripathi and Ajay Kumar Mittal


Open access peer-reviewed

10. Effects of Er:YAG Laser Irradiation on Dental Hard Tissues and All-Ceramic Materials: SEM Evaluation

By Bülent Gökçe


Open access peer-reviewed

11. The Application of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to Study the Microstructure Changes in the Field of Agricultural Products Drying

By Hong-Wei Xiao and Zhen-Jiang Gao


Open access peer-reviewed

12. Scanning Electron Microscopy Imaging of Bacteria Based on Nucleic Acid Sequences

By Takehiko Kenzaka and Katsuji Tani


Open access peer-reviewed

13. Ionizing Radiation Effect on Morphology of PLLA: PCL Blends and on Their Composite with Coconut Fiber

By Yasko Kodama and Claudia Giovedi


Open access peer-reviewed

14. Study of Helminth Parasites of Amphibians by Scanning Electron Microscopy

By Cynthya Elizabeth González, Monika Inés Hamann and Cristina Salgad


Open access peer-reviewed

15. Pathogenic Attributes of Non-Candida albicans Candida Species Revealed by SEM

By Márcia Cristina Furlaneto, Célia Guadalupe Tardeli de Jesus Andrade, Luciana Furlaneto-Maia, Emanuele Júlio Galvão de França and Alane Tatiana Pereira Moralez


Open access peer-reviewed

16. Multimodal Microscopy for Ore Characterization

By Otávio da Fonseca Martins Gomes and Sidnei Paciornik


Open access peer-reviewed

17. SEM Analysis of Precipitation Process in Alloys

By Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz, Victor M. Lopez-Hirata and Hector J. Dorantes-Rosale


Open access peer-reviewed

18. Cutting Mechanism of Sulfurized Free-Machining Steel

By Junsuke Fujiwara


Open access peer-reviewed

19. Catalyst Characterization with FESEM/EDX by the Example of Silver-Catalyzed Epoxidation of 1,3-Butadiene

By Thomas N. Otto, Wilhelm Habicht, Eckhard Dinjus and Michael Zimmerman


Open access peer-reviewed

20. Fractal Analysis of Micro Self-Sharpening Phenomenon in Grinding with Cubic Boron Nitride (cBN) Wheels

By Yoshio Ichida


Open access peer-reviewed

21. Evolution of Phases in a Recycled Al-Si Cast Alloy During Solution Treatment

By Eva Tillová, Mária Chalupová and Lenka Hurtalová


Open access peer-reviewed

22. Strength and Microstructure of Cement Stabilized Clay

By Suksun Horpibulsuk


Open access peer-reviewed

23. FE-SEM Characterization of Some Nanomaterial

By A. Alyamani and O. M. Lemine


Open access peer-reviewed

24. A Study of the Porosity of Activated Carbons Using the Scanning Electron Microscope

By Osei-Wusu Achaw


Open access peer-reviewed

25. Study of Structure and Failure Mechanisms in ACA Interconnections Using SEM

By Laura Frisk


Open access peer-reviewed

26. Exploring the Superconductors with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

By Shiva Kumar Singh, Devina Sharma, M. Husain, H. Kishan, Ranjan Kumar and V.P.S. Awana


Open access peer-reviewed

27. Morphological and Photovoltaic Studies of TiO2 NTs for High Efficiency Solar Cells

By Mukul Dubey and Hongshan He


Open access peer-reviewed

28. Synthesis and Characterisation of Silica/Polyamide-Imide Composite Film for Enamel Wire

By Xiaokun Ma and Sun-Jae Kim


Open access peer-reviewed

29. Scanning Electron Microscope for Characterising of Micro- and Nanostructured Titanium Surfaces

By Areeya Aeimbhu


Open access peer-reviewed

30. Application of Scanning Electron Microscopy for the Morphological Study of Biofilm in Medical Devices

By R. M. Abd El-Baky


Open access peer-reviewed

31. Interrelated Analysis of Performance and Fouling Behaviors in Forward Osmosis by Ex-Situ Membrane Characterizations

By Coskun Aydiner, Semra Topcu, Caner Tortop, Ferihan Kuvvet, Didem Ekinci, Nadir Dizge and Bulent Keskinler


Open access peer-reviewed

32. Biodegradation of Pre-Aged Modified Polyethylene Films

By Bożena Nowak, Jolanta Pająk and Jagna Karcz


Open access peer-reviewed

33. Surface Analysis Studies on Polymer Electrolyte Membranes Using Scanning Electron Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope

By M. Ulaganathan, R. Nithya and S. Rajendran


Open access peer-reviewed

34. Characterization of Ceramic Materials Synthesized by Mechanosynthesis for Energy Applications

By Claudia A. Cortés-Escobedo, Félix Sánchez-De Jesús, Gabriel Torres-Villaseñor, Juan Muñoz-Saldaña and Ana M. Bolarín-Miró


Open access peer-reviewed

35. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Environmental SEM: Suitable Tools for Study of Adhesion Stage and Biofilm Formation

By Soumya El Abed, Saad Koraichi Ibnsouda, Hassan Latrache and Fatima Hamadi


Open access peer-reviewed

36. Scanning Electron Microscopy Study of Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Nanocomposites

By Mohammad Kamal Hossain


Open access peer-reviewed

37. Preparation and Characterization of Dielectric Thin Films by RF Magnetron-Sputtering with (Ba0.3Sr0.7)(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3 Ceramic Target

By Feng Shi


Open access peer-reviewed

38. Microstructural and Mineralogical Characterization of Clay Stabilized Using Calcium-Based Stabilizers

By Pranshoo Solanki and Musharraf Zaman


Open access peer-reviewed

39. The Use of ESEM in Geobiology

By Magnus Ivarsson and Sara Holmström


Open access peer-reviewed

40. How Log Interpreter Uses SEM Data for Clay Volume Calculation

By Mohammadhossein Mohammadlou and Mai Britt Mørk


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