Ki Young Kim

Samsung Electronics

Ki Young Kim, Ph.D. and MBA, has been with Samsung Electronics since 2010, where he is currently working as a Corporate Professor and Principal Engineer. Prior to joining Samsung, he was an Associate Research Professor at Kyungpook National University, an Assistant Research Professor at National Cheng Kung University, a Senior Engineer at Hyundai Motor Company, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Northwestern University, and an Adjunct Researcher at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory. He has published 4 edited books, 1 research book chapter, over 120 research journal/conference articles, and over 100 US patents registered.

Ki Young Kim

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The title of this book, Plasmonics: Principles and Applications, encompasses theory, technical issues, and practical applications which are of interest for diverse classes of the plasmonics. The book is a collection of the contemporary researches and developments in the area of plasmonics technology. It consists of 21 chapters that focus on interesting topics of modeling and computational methods, plasmonic structures for light transmission, focusing, and guiding, emerging concepts, and applications.

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