Viacheslav Kazmiruk

Kazmiruk Viacheslav is Head of the laboratory of scanning electron microscopy at the Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials, Russian Academy of Sciences (IMT RAS), where he is working since its foundation in 1984. From 1983 to 1990, he was Head of the Joint Department of IMT RAS and Scientific Instrument Factory of RAS, responsible for mini SEM 100™ design and manufacturing. Between 1987 and 1997, he was Chief Designer of SEMs and e-beam Lithography System in the USSR and Russian Federation. From 1995 – 2008, he worked on the development and application of the new SEMs MicroScan MS10™ and MS20™. He is an author and coauthor of 75 papers, most having to do with SEM instrumentation as well as signal formation in a SEM within different operation modes. At the present time, he is working on the development of high resolution low voltage e-beam systems for both defect inspection and lithography.

Viacheslav Kazmiruk

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Today, an individual would be hard-pressed to find any science field that does not employ methods and instruments based on the use of fine focused electron and ion beams. Well instrumented and supplemented with advanced methods and techniques, SEMs provide possibilities not only of surface imaging but quantitative measurement of object topologies, local electrophysical characteristics of semiconductor structures and performing elemental analysis. Moreover, a fine focused e-beam is widely used for the creation of micro and nanostructures. The book’s approach covers both theoretical and practical issues related to scanning electron microscopy. The book has 41 chapters, divided into six sections: Instrumentation, Methodology, Biology, Medicine, Material Science, Nanostructured Materials for Electronic Industry, Thin Films, Membranes, Ceramic, Geoscience, and Mineralogy. Each chapter, written by different authors, is a complete work which presupposes that readers have some background knowledge on the subject.

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