Mikhail Grishin

Ekspla (Lithuania) Lithuania

Dr Mikhail Grishin joined Ekspla Ltd in 2000 as R&D program manager and since 2007 with the Institute of Physics, Vilnius as junior research fellow. He obtained MSc in Laser Physics at Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute in 1983 and PhD in Laser Physics at the Institute of Physics and Vilnius University in 2011. Previously, he worked as a research engineer at the Institute of Radio Equipment, Lithuania and a research associate at the Industrial Laser Center, Russia. Mikhail was a founder and MD of laser development company in Lithuania. His scientific interests presently include solid-state lasers and amplifiers, laser dynamics and ultra-short pulses.

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Invention of the solid-state laser has initiated the beginning of the laser era. Performance of solid-state lasers improved amazingly during five decades. Nowadays, solid-state lasers remain one of the most rapidly developing branches of laser science and become an increasingly important tool for modern technology. This book represents a selection of chapters exhibiting various investigation directions in the field of solid-state lasers and the cutting edge of related applications. The materials are contributed by leading researchers and each chapter represents a comprehensive study reflecting advances in modern laser physics. Considered topics are intended to meet the needs of both specialists in laser system design and those who use laser techniques in fundamental science and applied research. This book is the result of efforts of experts from different countries. I would like to acknowledge the authors for their contribution to the book. I also wish to acknowledge Vedran Kordic for indispensable technical assistance in the book preparation and publishing.

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