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Energy Efficiency

Collins Ayoo

Carleton University

Dr. Collins Ayoo teaches economics at Carleton University in Canada where he also conducts pioneering research on various topics in environmental and natural resource economics such as international environmental agreements, the economics of climate change, energy security, and sustainable energy use.


Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Energy Intensity Energy Productivity Clean Energy Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency Fossil Fuels Sustainable Development Goals Energy Efficiency Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits Energy Efficiency Technologies Energy Efficiency Investments

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About the book

Since the oil crises of the 1970s, energy efficiency has increased in importance and has come to be regarded as a cost-effective and sustainable approach to address diverse energy challenges that range from declining energy stocks, rising energy prices, energy poverty, and climate change. An issue of concern has however been that although currently there are several technologically feasible alternatives for promoting energy efficiency, the adoption rates of these measures have generally been low and hence the proposition that there exists an "energy efficiency gap".

This book aims to illuminate the importance of energy efficiency in energy policy and to explain issues such as the existence and magnitude of the energy efficiency potential; the multiple benefits of energy efficiency; the technological, socio-economic, and institutional barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency programs; international trade in energy efficiency; and, the policies that can accelerate the uptake of energy efficiency programs. A major strength of the book is that its arguments are anchored in empirical data and are illustrated through case studies drawn from the entire globe and span all energy end-use sectors.

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About the editor

Collins Ayoo

Carleton University

Education: Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, University of Guelph, 2005. M.A. Economics, University of Guelph, 2000 M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi, 1992. B.Sc. Agriculture, University of Nairobi, 1987 Positions Held: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Carleton University January 2009 - Present Part Time Professor, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, January 2011- April 2011 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Calgary August 2006 – August 2008 Research Assistant, University of Guelph 2000-2002 Lecturer, Maseno University 1991-1998 Selected Publications: Ayoo, C. 2020. Environmental Effects of Trade Liberalization. Forthcoming in Resource and Environmental Economics Ayoo, C. 2020. A Game Theoretic Analysis of International Environmental Agreements. Forthcoming in Resource and Environmental Economics Ayoo,C.2020. Cointegration Analysis of Gasoline Demand in Canada. Forthcoming in Applied Economics. Ayoo,C.2020. Economic Determinants of Deforestation in Developing Countries. Forthcoming in International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development. Ayoo,C.2016. The Role of Efficiency in Energy Policy. International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 15(4):423-449. Ayoo, C. 2008. Economic Instruments and the Conservation of Biodiversity. Management of Environmental Quality 19(5): 550-564. Ayoo, C. and T. M. Horbulyk. 2008. The Potential and Promise of Water Pricing. Journal of International Affairs 61(2): 91-104. Ayoo,C.2007. Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Kenya. Management of Environmental Quality 18(5): 531-541. Chapters in Books: Ayoo, C. 2020. Towards Energy Security in the 21st Century. Chapter in T.Taner (Ed.). Energy Policy. IntechOpen. Ayoo, C. and S. Bonti-Ankomah. 2020. Economic Impact of Value Addition to Agricultural Byproducts. Chapter 31 in B.K.Simpson, A.N.Aryee and F. Toldrá (Eds.). Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries: Adding Value for Food, Feed, Pharma and Fuels.Wiley Blackwell. Ayoo,C. and S.Bonti-Ankomah, and A.N. Aryee. 2020. Constraints to Value Addition to Agricultural By-Products. Chapter 32. in B.K.Simpson, A.N.Aryee and F. Toldrá (Eds.). Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries: Adding Value for Food, Feed, Pharma and Fuels.Wiley Blackwell. Ayoo, C. and M.A.Jama.1999.Environmental Taxation in Kenya. Chapter 14 in T.Sterner(ed.), The Market and the Environment, Edward Eglar, pp.299-316. Ayoo,C.2018. Fisheries and Forestry. In Langdon,S., A.R.M.Ritter and Y.Sammy.2018. African Economic Development. Routledge. Ayoo,C., T.Horbulyk and L.He. 2007. The Economics of Rural-Urban Water Allocation Strategies in the Bow River Basin of Alberta. Presented at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society held in conjunction with the American Agricultural Economics Association, Applied Economics for Global Issues, Portland, Oregon, July 29 - August 1, 2007. Ayoo,C. andT.Horbulyk. 2007. Using Pricing to Manage Water Scarcity in Southern Alberta. Presented at the Annual Conference of the Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Water Resources Association, The Birth of Alberta’s Water Economy, Red Deer, Alberta, April 22 - 24, 2007. Ayoo,C. andT.Horbulyk. 2007. Water Pricing and Water Allocation in Soutehrn Alberta. Presented at 60th Annual Conference of the Canadian Water Resources Association, Science and Technology: Implications for Water Management,Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 25-28, 2007. Ayoo,C. and G.C.Fox.2003. An Empirical Analysis of the Economic Effects of Forest Fires in Ontario.A Selected paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Agricultural Ecnomics Society,Montreal, 27-30 July,2003. Ayoo, C. and G.C.Fox.2002. Implications of Insurability for Natural Disaster Policy. A selected paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, University of Calgary, Calgary , 30 May – 1 June, 2002. Ayoo, C.1996. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Alternative Wetland Uses in Kenya: The Case of Yala Swamp. A paper presented at an Environmental Economics Research seminar at Cape Town, South Africa, from 28-30 November 1996. Ayoo, C.1994. Exploitation of Common Property Resources: The Case of Lake Victoria Fisheries. A paper presented at the Third Biennial meeting of the International Society for Ecological Economics, San Jose, Costa Rica, 24 - 28 October, 1994. Ayoo,C.2016. Review of Age of Sustainable Development(J.Sachs). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 98(2): 667-669. Ayoo,C.2007. Review of The Economics of Biodiversity Conservation: Valuation of Tropical Forest Ecosystems (K.N.Ninan). Natural Resources Journal 47(2):497-500. Ayoo, C. 2011. Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation. Report prepared by the Energy Modeling Forum Working Group 25, Stanford University. Ayoo, C. 1999. Private Provision of Environmental Quality. MA Research Paper. Department of Economics. University of Guelph. Ayoo, C.1992. Determination of Agricultural Production Constraints and Optimal Enterprise Mix for Hola Irrigation Scheme. M.Sc. Thesis. Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi. Ayoo, C.2005. Three Essays on the Economics of Natural Disasters. Ph.D. Dissertation. Department of Agricultural Economics and Business. University of Guelph. Ayoo, C. 2017. Canadian Agricultural Policy: Why Supply Management? Hill Times Ayoo, C. 2017. The Case for International Environmental Agreements. Hill Times

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