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1. Electrostatic Conversion for Vibration Energy Harvesting

By S. Boisseau, G. Despesse and B. Ahmed Seddik

Part of book: Small-Scale Energy Harvesting

2. Ethanol Production in Brazil: The Industrial Process and Its Impact on Yeast Fermentation

By Luiz Carlos Basso, Thiago Olitta Basso and Saul Nitsche Rocha

Part of book: Biofuel Production - Recent Developments and Prospects

3. Wind Turbines Theory - The Betz Equation and Optimal Rotor Tip Speed Ratio

By Magdi Ragheb and Adam M. Ragheb

Part of book: Fundamental and Advanced Topics in Wind Power


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Lithium Recovery from Brines Including Seawater, Salt Lake Brine, Underground Water and Geothermal Water

By Samadiy Murodjon, Xiaoping Yu, Mingli Li, Ji Duo and Tianlong Deng

Part of book: Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering

2. Petroleum Source Rocks Characterization and Hydrocarbon Generation

By Nabil Mohammed Al-Areeq

Part of book: Recent Insights in Petroleum Science and Engineering

3. Social, Economic, and Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Resources

By Mahesh Kumar

Part of book: Wind Solar Hybrid Renewable Energy System

4. Characterization of Crude Oils and the Precipitated Asphaltenes Fraction using UV Spectroscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering and Microscopy

By Ernestina Elizabeth Banda Cruz, Nohra Violeta Gallardo Rivas, Ulises Páramo García, Ana Maria Mendoza Martinez and José Aarón Melo Banda

Part of book: Recent Insights in Petroleum Science and Engineering

5. Integration of Seismic Information in Reservoir Models: Global Stochastic Inversion

By Hugo Caetano

Part of book: New Technologies in the Oil and Gas Industry

6. A Review of Recycling Processes for Photovoltaic Modules

By Marina Monteiro Lunardi, Juan Pablo Alvarez-Gaitan, José I. Bilbao and Richard Corkish

Part of book: Solar Panels and Photovoltaic Materials

7. Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste

By Yong-Chil Seo, Md Tanvir Alam and Won-Seok Yang

Part of book: Gasification for Low-grade Feedstock

8. A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation of Power Quality Disturbances Using MATLAB/SIMULINK

By Rodney H.G. Tan and Vigna K. Ramachandaramurthy

Part of book: Power Quality Issues in Distributed Generation

9. Wind Turbine Generator Technologies

By Wenping Cao, Ying Xie and Zheng Tan

Part of book: Advances in Wind Power

10. Energy-Efficient Building Design in the Context of Building Life Cycle

By Izzet Yüksek and Tülay Tikansak Karadayi

Part of book: Energy Efficient Buildings