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Makoto Kanauchi is a professor in the Department of Food Management, Miyagi University. He has been in the Department of Food Management, Miyagi University, since April 2005. Earlier, he was employed at the Institute of Food Science in Fuji Oil Corporation in Moriya, Ibaraki, Japan, as a researcher (August 2003–March 2005). Dr. Kanauchi also worked in Prof. Charlie Bamforth’s Laboratory in Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis, California (November 1999–May 2003). In March 1999, he received his PhD degree in Bio-regulation from Tokyo University of Agriculture. Dr. Kanauchi received his MS degree in Brewing and Fermentation Science in March 1996 and graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture in Tokyo, Japan.

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Many alcoholic beverages produced using various methods are consumed throughout the world. Alcoholic beverages made by brewing cereals, such as beer and Japanese sake, are extremely popular. Brewing them requires a complicated process by which the cereal must be saccharified using enzymes such as amylase. For example, with beer brewing, malt enzymes are used for saccharification. By germination, malt is made from barley to produce enzymes. Finally, wort is made by processing at higher temperatures using malt. The actual techniques require high-level skills. In this book, the discussion encompasses leading-edge brewing technology with fermentation using a non-Saccharomyces starter, healthy uses of spent grain from brewing processes, and an electronic nose for quality control, but it also includes descriptions of local traditional alcoholic beverages of Korea and Cameroon.

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