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University of Vigo

Dr. Miguel Ángel Prieto Lage obtained his Ph.D. in Food Science Technology from the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC), Spain, in 2014. He has experience in food chemistry and technology and has published more than 145 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. He is a guest editor for eight journals and has organized nine special issues since 2018. Dr. Prieto has collaborated on more than twenty international and national research projects and participated in more than 180 national and international conferences.

Miguel Prieto

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Although additives are regularly used in the food industry to improve the organoleptic properties or extend the shelf life of food products, some additives are known to be potentially hazardous if consumed in excess. Increasingly, consumers are avoiding these types of products, highlighting an overall trend toward developing a green and sustainable economy and the emergence of natural additives with equal or greater benefits than synthetic ones. This book is an introduction to the use of natural food additives. It includes eleven chapters that discuss emerging compounds used as food additives and active packaging, molecular gastronomy, enzyme production in the food industry, and much more.

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