Miguel Ángel Prieto Lage

University of Vigo

The researcher holds multidiscipline graduate record covering disciplines from Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Food Science and Technology and Engineering (2000-07) at different institutions from different countries (Spain and Ireland). He has achieved two Post-Graduate Master courses (by research) in Food Science and Technology and Biosystems Engineering (2007-10), at two different institutions from different countries (University of Vigo from Spain and University College Dublin from Ireland). From 2010-14 the researcher completed his PhD degree in Food Science Technology at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC, Vigo, Spain), receiving an award for the best thesis of University of Vigo (2015) in Food Science and Technology area. He was granted with his first international Post-doctoral internship in 2014. Thus, since the doctorate, the researcher has been involved in 6 years of Post-doctoral stages with multidisciplinary activities supported by prestigious and competitive programs in top-high research institutions, providing him with a great interdisciplinary background with outstanding scientific records, as well as improving his expertise in project management, independent thinking and leadership skills. Currently, the researcher is performing a Ramón y Cajal developing his own independent group with the collaboration of Prof. Dr Jesús Simal Gándara and Prof. Dr. Marizio Battino. The researcher is currently directing 13 PhD students (5 of them as main supervisor) and 3 Master projects. In revision of his research accomplishments, the researcher emphasizes his experience in Food Chemistry and Technology having published more than 85 peer-reviewed articles (SCI journals), with more than 1430 citations and h-index of 24. It is worth to describe that in 39 articles he is the first author (51%), 18 as second author (29%) and 7 as last author (10%), being corresponding author in 32 articles (58%). In addition, 61 (80%) of those have been published in journals that are located within the first quartile (Q1) and 14 articles (16%) within the first decile (D1). The researcher has strongly collaborated in 23 different types of research project funds as team member (6 international, 6 European, 7 national, 2 regional and 3 company contracts). Moreover, he holds 5 patents and another one has been recently submitted. The researcher has supervised 2 Master's students and 1 PhD students, and he has collaborated in 4 Master and 6 PhD students. The researcher has participated in 102 national and international conferences in different fields of study from Food Technology to Mathematical/Statistical Sciences. He has acquired teaching experience at the University of Vigo lecturing Experimental Science subject since 2017. The researcher has been pointed out as tribunal (court) member for the evaluation of 5 Master thesis from international institutions and 2 PhD thesis from national institutions. As demonstrative example of the internationalization of the applicant’s research career, the 75 articles have been accomplished in collaboration with a total of 21 world-wide recognized institutions: Spain (51 articles in 4 institutions); Portugal (24 in 7 institutions); Ireland (8 in 3 institutions); Brazil (3 in 2 institutions); France (1 in 1 institution); UK (1 in 1 institution); and USA (1 in 1 institution). Currently, he is member of the editorial board of Frontiers in Bioscience (Landmark Edition), International Journal of Molecular Science, Current Pharmaceutical Design and Frontiers in Nutrition as managing editor of a special issue and guest editor in Scientific World Journal. As prove of the applicant’s internationalization, he has performed in well recognized international research groups and institutions, 3 international PhD stages, 3 international Post-doctoral stages and 1 national Post-doctoral stage.

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