Romina Alina Marc

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca

Romina Alina Marc (née Vlaic) obtained her Ph.D. in Agronomy at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM) of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 2015. She is a lecturer and researcher in vegetable food quality control, rheology in the food industry, quality management systems, and food safety at the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, UASVM Cluj-Napoca. She has edited 3 books and published more than 100 manuscripts, 4 book chapters, and two books. She has participated in more than 50 international conferences and has won 52 international awards and 14 projects (7 as project director).

Romina Alina Marc

2books edited

3chapters authored

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Global food security is a major issue worldwide. Given the rapid socioeconomic changes of the last decade, food processing, food supply, and consumption patterns have undergone significant changes, increasing the number of food security problems. One of these problems is mycotoxin contamination, which can have major adverse effects on food safety and crop yield. This book presents comprehensive information on recent advances in mycotoxins and food safety. It includes five sections: “Introduction: Mycotoxins and Food Safety Overview”; “The Influence of Contaminants on Food Safety” “Mycotoxins in Feed”; “Indirect Mycotoxin Contamination of Food Safety”; and “Control and Reduction of Mycotoxin Contamination”.

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