Umut Ayman

Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus

Umut Ayman obtained a Bachelor’s degree in business at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and completed an MBA in 1999 and a Ph.D. in communication and media studies in 2015. She is currently an assistant professor and vice-chair in the Public Relations and Advertisement Department, Faculty of Communication, at EMU. Within the EMU Community Involvement Center, Ayman provides pioneering consultancy services for social responsibility projects. She also works on the design of campaign launches for products and services in various sectors, and on A to Z integrated marketing communication models and issues. She has lectured on integrated marketing campaigns and communication, marketing-oriented public relations, marketing communication for social responsibility, branding and brand management, and on senior project courses. She is working as an Assistant Professor and Vice-chair at EMU, Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertisement Department.

Umut Ayman

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The complexities of consumer behavior call for comprehensive and detailed analytical studies. The need for both businesses and academics across the world to understand the behavior of consumers in crisis situations has been clearly illustrated by the Covid pandemic. A New Era of Consumer Behavior - In and Beyond the Pandemic presents research on both theoretical and practical aspects of this topic in three sections: “Digital Shifts in Consumer Behavior”, “Digitalization of Consumer Behavior in the Tourism Sector” and “Consumer Protection and Sustainability”.

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