Anıl Kemal Kaya

Eastern Mediterranean University

Anıl Kemal Kaya is an Associate Professor in the Public Relations and Advertising Department in the Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus. She has been Chair of the Public Relations and Advertising Department in the Communication Faculty since 2016 and Chair of the Community İnvolvement Center in the Eastern Mediterranean University since 2013. Her research interests are integrated marketing communication, marketing communication, advertising, public relations, consumer behavior, brand management, strategic communication, and women studies. She has many publications in index journals and international conference papers. Currently she is researching her field topics, lecturing both undergraduate and graduate level in Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Communication Campaign Design, Strategic Communication, and Advertising. Also, she supervises many MA theses and PhD theses on Marketing Communication, Branding, Public Relations, and Advertising. For many years she has supervised many social responsibility projects at the Eastern Mediterranean University.

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