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Mobile App Marketing Communication for B2B and B2C: Ingoes as a Case Study

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Umut Ayman, Anıl Kemal Kaya and İpek Halim

Submitted: September 24th, 2018Reviewed: February 6th, 2019Published: March 21st, 2019

DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.85008

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In today’s marketing world, there are highly competitive business environments in every industry. The companies try to survive, and their strategical conceptual thinking and entrepreneurship levels help them to be unique in their industry. The innovative ideas and alterations on consumer behavior create success stories in the future survival of the companies. Ingoes is a real estate platform that brings real estate buyers and sellers together and must be research case since it is the first mobile application for property market in Northern Cyprus. Thus, this chapter is helpful as a literature source for mobile application sector usage of marketing communication strategies when they are newly entering in their markets. Diffusion of innovation theory is considered while analyzing Ingoes brand. The aim of this study is to focus on the diffusion of innovation for mobile application marketing perspectives. This chapter covers both quantitative and qualitative research method content analyses by focusing on Ingoes new media usage while they are reaching their current and potential consumers.


  • mobile application
  • marketing communication
  • property market
  • Ingoes
  • Northern Cyprus

1. Introduction

The companies provide similar goods and services in their market, and their strategic plan makes their differentiation as a business in the market. Thus, the companies have to create a unique selling proposition and experimental marketing which lets the consumers to have chances for identifying the new experiences and its value to receive a benefit from them. Technological advances have a great power on the market. It is not only on changing the business models of companies but also changes tactics which companies use for their marketing communication strategies because of changing consumer behaviors. As mobile applications make consumer life easier by saving their time and energy, day-by-day popularity of mobile applications increases no matter which sector business they are in; they try to serve their customer with this new technology. As real estate is a growing sector in Cyprus, Ingoes is the first mobile application in North Cyprus market that serves both for businesses and consumers. “Marketing communication practitioners impose some ideas which are designed for the goods and services and they try to normalize their messages, slogans, packages or designs etc. through integration of those into daily lives of the consumers” [2]. This research is going to be a good source for literature both for academic fields and business markets because this case study exemplifies the principle of diffusion of innovation theory as articulated by Everett Rogers. Research has three sections. Section 1 is the introduction part. Section 2 has four main parts. In the first and second parts of Section 2, there is a theoretical framework of this research, in the third part is the research methodology, and in the fourth, Ingoes mobile application is discussed. Section 3 is about conclusion of this research.


2. The growth of marketing in the new media era

Inevitable growth of new media within technological advances and enormous consumers’ Internet use cause changes on the companies’ marketing communication strategies to have competitive advantage within the marketplace. Therefore, new media is considered as a global marketplace that covers the use of marketing communication tools in a technological facet. The new media campaigns give an opportunity for the companies to analyze the campaign’s success easily by checking the pre-/post-launches of their marketing communication campaigns by using the number of interactions, accessions, views, previews, engagement rates, and electronic word-of-mouth communication (eWOM) responses. One of the traditional ways of face-to-face communication known as word-of-mouth (WOM) communication transforms into eWOM after the use of new media platforms.

Integration of new media usage and marketing communication leads to new kinds of marketing as mobile marketing. Hence mobile marketing comes to a space that the companies use applications to create another platform for their customers, clients, and prospects that can be moved from new media and Internet-based activities to application platform. Thus, the companies need to design their strategic mobile marketing planning to achieve competitive advantage especially in the service industry to create superior value to their consumers. As the service industry is not like the production sector that the consumers cannot use their adoption of five senses before they decide whether it’s a right choice or not, it is full of intangible values that are generated by the companies and then delivered to clients and consumers. Therefore, the perceived value and the brand image are a basic asset for the companies in such cases.

2.1 Mobile marketing

As nothing is stable, consumer expectations and their behaviors are not stable as well. No matter which generation the consumer belongs to, they try to adopt these changes in their lives through passing different processes that vary from consumer to consumer, but surely, they adopt these changes in their life cycle period.

“Mobile marketing is the use of the mobile medium as a communication and entertainment channel between a brand and an end-user. This is the only personal channel enabling spontaneous, direct, interactive and/or targeted communications, any time, any place” [1]. Since mobile marketing is a new trend for business to reach their consumer efficiently and effectively, Michael and Salter pointed out that the advantages of mobile marketing advantages as a concept of response that recall rates as being cheapest communication model and attempting minimum act to use a pilot with advantageous commission margins (p. 25).

As Rowles [8] pointed out, marketing and mobile marketing activities are attached to each other and have a power to affect mutually marketing channels as online and offline [7]. The inevitable role of mobile marketing has a huge impact on the use of mobile medium as a communication route in the context of integrating marketing within mobile commerce, e-commerce, and the Internet, both offline and online. Michael and Salter mentioned that, especially, mobile marketing has a role to have extremely personalized, instant impression with interactivity [1]. Therefore, it becomes popular in different markets where companies reserve some amount of money for their companies’ mobile application as an investment.

2.2 Diffusion of innovation theory

Especially, technological improvements and its diffusion and adoption are one of the major essentials in the marketing field. Rogers developed diffusion of innovation theory with “knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation” steps [6].

Rogers’ model dealt with consumers who experience all steps as in a process [3]. In Ingoes case, “knowledge” stage is the consumers’ first exposure to the information about Ingoes real estate platform. Ingoes use both traditional media and new media to create awareness for consumers and businesses. Second step “persuasion” is to create positive perceptions for B2B and B2C. “Decision” comes as the third step in which they adopt or reject the Ingoes application. Then, “implementation” covers a trial period which the consumers and businesses experience in a time circumstance. The final step is “confirmation” in which Ingoes application is being adopted by B2B and B2C [6].

Some authors declared the prominence of adoption process [3, 4].

With the roots of Rogers’ model, Etzel et al. explain the adoption process within different category names [4].

From a marketing perspective, awareness stage is the initial communication way with the B2B and B2C. Specially, awareness plays a vital role for new introductions of the companies, and the companies heavily use marketing communication tools to create awareness and interest. Also, with the rapid changes in technology market, mobile marketing is a new way to reach different segments in b2b and b2c. Ingoes uses free mobile application which affects the trial and evaluation stages of them. Marketing communication tools and experiences of B2B and B2C segments cause confirmation of the adoption of the application.

Rogers [6] pointed out that there are five adopters’ categories according to consumers’ rate of adoption process as innovators who firstly adopt new products/services during the introduction stage and are about 2.5% of the market. The second one is early adopters who are followers of innovators and adopt the products during the growth stage and about 13.5% of the market [6]. The third category is the early majority, which rely on marketing communication tools, and they can adopt the products at the beginning of maturity stage and are about 34% of the market. Fourth stage is late majority, which cover 34% of the market and prefer to adopt products in late maturity stage of the product life cycle. Last one is laggards, which are 16% of the market, and they refuse to use products or lately adopt them during the decline stage of cycle [6]. Marketing scholars prefer to use Rogers’ adoption categorization in their studies [3, 4, 5].

When we look at Ingoes example, Ingoes is at the introduction stage of its life cycle. Also, it is at the awareness stage of its adoption process.

2.3 Research methodology

This is a research paper to focus on the use of mobile marketing in property market. As mentioned earlier Ingoes is the first property market application for Northern Cyprus, and it is selected as a case study in this chapter. The methodology covers both quantitative and qualitative research methods as content analysis to discover Ingoes media usage while they are trying to reach their clients and consumers to influence their perception and behavior especially on social media and application manner. This chapter covers both quantitative and qualitative research method content analyses by focusing on Ingoes new media usage while they are reaching their current and potential consumers. In quantitative part Ingoes mobile application media usage frequency was analyzed, and in the qualitative part of this research, the content of each campaign for every media usage was analyzed to understand the level of diffusion of Ingoes mobile application in North Cyprus as a developing county. Data about the development process and campaigns were collected from social network sites, and content of the messages were analyzed to understand the purpose or the aim of the campaigns while reaching their consumer’s. Hence, the aim of this study is to focus on the diffusion of innovation for mobile application marketing perspectives.

2.4. Analysis

2.4.1 About the market

Recently, consumers prefer to compare the products and services through the Internet or social network sites, and as a new trend, the high use of mobile phones creates another platform and marketplace for clients and consumers to reach information. Real estate market is considered as a highly competitive business around the world, and the Internet and new technology bring new products and services to reach the consumers.

As being in real estate industry, Alibaba is the biggest marketplace, and Rialto and Zillow are the most popular property marketplaces in the world. In Northern Cyprus, Ingoes application platform has a competitive advantage as being a unique real estate application in mobile marketing industry. Ingoes has been developed for local market for B2B activities. Ingoes uses word-of-mouth communication for face-to-face launching of events with the real estate agency clients; and, it focuses on local prospects in property market with the use of mobile marketing strategies and tactics through the use of social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS message, and application-oriented notifications as B2C. Also, foreign prospects have a chance to browse Ingoes application; however, real estate agencies play a vital role as a means of sales force actions for that group because the use of marketing tools are in Turkish language.

In Northern Cyprus, 101 evler and Hurriyet Emlak are preferred and used by real estate agencies to reach buyers. Emlak, Zingat, or Emlak jet are either both dedicated for this specific market or they are only web based.

2.4.2 About the product

Ingoes brand name comes from Turkish Cypriot local street dialect that means hitting the target or Gotcha. While selecting the application name, a representative from Perceptio company, Public Modus as Communication Consultant, and the financial supporter for the application made a list of names and conducted a focus group and asked their opinions and preferences. Finally, Ingoes was selected as a name for the mobile application.

The ownership of Ingoes application belongs to Cyprus Consulting Company. Ingoes has business partnership with Limonist, Perceptio, and Public Modus.

Ingoes’ slogan is Cebindeki Emlak Uygulaması (property in your pocket or property application in your pocket). Slogan was written by Communication Consultant Public Modus.

Ingoes was launched in June 2018. It is an application for mobile phones.

With the use of Ingoes, property developers or real estate offices can upload their products where they can associate with location and many other information and criteria, enabling determination of price intervals, selection of number of rooms, age of the building, number of bathrooms, balcony, colons, swimming pool, etc. with many photographs of the product as being a flat, bungalow, villa, etc.

Furthermore, potential customer can reach directly to the real estate agency or the property developer either by calling or text messages or by emailing from his/her mobile phones. Also, potential buyers can create a profile to get news about the properties or the market trends with notifications. Ingoes is free of charge application for the potential customers who are interested in real estates. Moreover, Ingoes’ clients are the property developers as well as the real estate agencies. Also, Ingoes has two full-time employees and three part-timers. Since June, it has been upgraded two times. Ingoes sends notifications to its users every Thursday.

The idea was discovered and created during the browses and searches of similar applications which are developed and used in Europe and America.

The Ingoes application provides a business platform to real estate agencies in which they can market and sell their apartments, villas, shops, or lands to customers through Ingoes application platform as a B2B service. Plus this application also frames it?s one way selling with business to consumer transaction B2C as business is real estates and try to reach renter/buyer as consumer side. Since real estate agencies professionally update their products and have credibility and apply realistic activities to survive into market.

Ingoes has two full-time employees and three part-timers. There is one general manager coming from the banking industry (Selcen Erguven). Second full-time employee is responsible for real estate agency visits and communication and office writings. Part-time employees are from Perceptio company who are editing, entering, and updating data for application (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

Ingoes visuals.

As seen above visuals the first visual is the visual of their web page that gives information why consumers need to download that application. While giving information about that mobile application, they use some signs to persuade people more both visually and verbally. Such as; easy to use support with the symbol of shining hand that represent “yes, I did it”, quick search represent analog clock, using mobile phone represent that its an mobile application so the people can download it and they use a tree and use special tong that uses Cypriots mostly use to get the attention of Cypriot people. They use red color in their logo to get more attention both businesses’ and consumers’ attention. When analyzed deeper, the roof used in logo represents property. Capital “I” represents the house chimney, and there is magnifier used that represents go and search, in other words the search button, which is used instead of letter “O.” The third visual is the pop-up ads that they use. In that visual it is seen that they play with some words, and instead of using the words in how it’s written, they use words as how Cypriots talk to get more attention such as ENDİR instead if İNDİR and use red balloons above the houses to represent the different locations. At the bottom of the visual, they use Apple Store and Google Play Store icons signifying both Android and IOS platforms can download the application as 467 Android user and 412 IOS user download that mobile application in 20/10/2018 and 462 Android user and 485 IOS user download it in 21/11/2018/ within one-month period that application find out 171 different new users from both platforms (Table 1).

Ingoes mobile usersNumber of peopleNumber of people
Retrieved date20/10/201821/11/2018
Registered users8791050
Android users467462
IOS users412485

Table 1.

Reflections of Ingoes on new media.

Analysis results were based on October 20, 2018 and November 21, 2018.

Number of people who clicked for Ingoes from Facebook: 953.

Number of people who clicked on Ingoes from Instagram: 135.

Number of inputs: 2429.

According to the text messages, it is assumed that one property has been sold via Ingoes and one flat has been rented via Ingoes till November 2018.

Around 135 real estate agencies were accepted and uploaded their products, and total registered users are 1400 till the end of December 2018.

2.4.3 Communication and media planning of Ingoes

Ingoes communication process was divided into two stages. One of them focused on end users, and the other one directed to real estate offices. Stage start-up (launch) (focused on end users, B2C)

Facebook, Web TV broadcast, and banners:On June 2018, Ingoes had ad banners on Sami Özuslu Sabah Kahvesi Program (Kanal Sim, 2-hour program, and every 20 minutes banners appear on program) and Hüseyin Ekmekçi News Program (Haber Kıbrıs 45 minute program, and every 20 minutes banners appear on program) for a 1-month period.

Aim:These programs were selected for banner because these two morning news programs have many followers. Traditionally, news programmers have live connection, and the audiences can expose and write comments immediately, and the programmer can read the comments and answers the questions of followers.

Communication Consultant Public Modus created and designed the process, and Cherry Red Ad Agency produced the ad banners.

The majority of information diffusion for creating awareness was done through Facebook. Monthly 400–450 TL sponsored advertisements and news were diffused on Facebook. Ingoes appeared three times on the news on local digital media as Haber Kıbrıs, Vayguzzum, and Kıbrıs Postası. Also, Ingoes had only a one-time campaign based on Facebook. The reward was a dinner for three couples in Ambiance restaurant.

Radio advertisements:Ingoes has radio advertisements on Dance Fm-Enerji Fm in which its jingle and radio ad appear five times in the morning broadcast and five times in the noon broadcast.

Aim: To inform and create awareness of Ingoes on the way to work and home. Radio ad process was done by Communication Consultant Public Modus, and the jingle was created by musician Çağıl İşgüzar.

Facebook and Instagram:Facebook and Instagram appearances started up in April 2018, and initially the teaser took place to catch attention. They used two visuals such as in first visual asking “What is Ingoes?” and in the second one “Be Curious, be soon”. The idea of teaser and post creation was done by a communication consultant, and Cherry Red Ad Agency produced the output (Figure 2).

Figure 2.

What is Ingoes?

On May 2018, they started to introduce Ingoes to the new media. On June, they started to share the visuals as sponsored through Facebook and Instagram.

On May 23, they asked the meaning of Ingoes through Redrofon street interviews.

This program took place on Facebook. Ingoes banner was passed and displayed on the video, and there was an Ingoes ad video at the end of the program with the program link given below (Figure 3).

Figure 3.


Video 1 as shown in Appendix [9].

Aim:Increasing awareness and reaching younger generation

Google Ads:As a part of its introduction tactic, Ingoes has started to use Google Ads on October 2018. The trial use of Google was only 1 1/2 month. They stopped to use in January 2019. Stage (focused on end users, B2C)

Radio advertisements:Ingoes was explained in Sabahların Efendisi radio program, and its jingle was played as a theme in the morning 7 am–8 am on October and November 2018.

Aim:To inform and create awareness of Ingoes for radio audiences

Radio ad process was done by General Manager Selcen Erguven, and content information was created by Communication Consultant Public Modus.

Digital and new media:Ingoes was displayed as news four times in Haber Kıbrıs and Vayguzzum sites. Also, those news were shared on new media as well as shown in Appendix (Figure 4).

Figure 4.


Facebook sharings:Continuous scheduling technique is being used on Facebook for animation video and visual sharings which are sponsored continuously for 50TL, two times sharing every week occurs, and news and special day celebrations take place.

Aim:creating awareness—focus on advantages and lead to downloading of the application. The information on visuals has “quickly download” information and download link is given. DesignLab Marketing/Advertising Agency is responsible for managing of Ingoes Facebook. Content, sponsored sharings, and time duration are determined by Public Modus, DesignLab Marketing/Advertising Agency, and General Manager Selcen Erguven.

Videos:Three videos with real actors were taken. First presents Ingoes, second one signifies the advantages of easy search by filters, and the third states the advantage of location presences in searches.

These videos were shared on Facebook and Instagram as shown in Appendix.

Video 2 as 1. Ad [10], Video 3 as 2. Ad [11] and Video 4 as 3. Ad [12]

The video content and flow were determined by Public Modus, and video preparation and broadcast were done by freelance Uygar Erdim. Facebook videos’ information are given in Table 2 with views below; click the link and payments for sponsored ads.

Video 2 Ad1Video 2 Ad 2Video 3 Ad 3
Click the link242254
Payments for sponsored ads50 TL50 TL50 TL

Table 2.

Facebook videos’ information.

SMS:Ingoes sent one-time SMS message to 10, 000 people with a download link on October 22, 2018. The feedback was very low as 60 people downloaded the Ingoes.

Message:“Meet Ingoes that brings a new dimension to the property sector in Northern Cyprus. Click immediately, download, search, find and be happy”

Future planning tactics for end users:

  1. Billboards

  2. Transit advertising (out-home media)

  3. Continuous digital media and newspaper outputs

  4. Continuous to Facebook

  5. Give ads to present in newspapers and magazines

  6. Attending festivals in summer Communication process toward real estate agencies (B2B)

  1. Ingoes sent emails to all registered real estate offices. Content was inserted into the mail. General Manager Selcen Erguven sent email to them. There was no reply to these emails.

  2. Direct marketing technique was used to inform all real estate offices about Ingoes through telephone calls focusing on all Kyrenia (including Catalköy, Alsancak, and Lapta as well) and Nicosia (including Hamitköy and Gönyeli as well). Also, all construction companies were called by telephone, and they were informed about Ingoes. The visits were done in September and October and completed on time. No photos were taken during these visits.

  3. For B2B, Ingoes prepares a promotion file and advertising specialties as promotions were given to agencies with Ingoes flyers and Ingoes notebook and pencil with message from the general manager. One by one, Ingoes marketing employee visited each agency to create face-to-face communication and create awareness and give information about their application. Also, Ingoes flyer looked like a mobile phone, and visual design is as shown below.

Ingoes was free of charge in first 3 months of its introduction period. After that, the free period was extended to first 4 months. Now, there are different packages for registration and membership of Ingoes with cost. Types of memberships are as 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year periods (Figure 5).

Figure 5.

E-mail content.

Moreover, for 1-year membership, Ingoes provides free advertising space on Haber Kıbrıs and Vayguzzum ad spaces. Also, they give a space on Web TV-Property TV for 1-year membership agencies. First program was broadcasted with representatives initially from Özyalçın Construction Company and the next from Limasol GYO (Property Investment Partnership). Programs were broadcasted on Web TV as Property TV on December 28, 2018, and January 3, 2019, consecutively (Figure 6).

Figure 6.

İngoes flyer.

All of the visuals and contents can be uploaded by either real estate offices themselves or Ingoes, and the visuals and contents can have a spacing and sharing free of charge. Furthermore, Ingoes is on the way to put quota on the number of sharings which is a topic that Ingoes tries to make a decision.

Public Modus is the communication consultant of Ingoes. Public Modus is responsible from all communication flow and process. Logo idea came from Public Modus and is designed by graphic designer Kenan Erdim. Jingle was prepared by musician Çağıl İşgüzar. Social media management is the responsibility of DesignLab Marketing/Advertising.

Flyers, design of photos on media, and the future billboard designs are the responsibility of Cherry Red Advertising Agency. Video ads’ scenario and contents are the responsibility of Public Modus.

Art director freelance Uygar Erdim managed the videos. Theater artist Çağla Topcan had roles in the video. Also, radio advertisements were done By NRG group.

There are continuous meetings with all of the agencies face-to-face once a month. The creative ideas are produced by Public Modus.

Ingoes sends notifications to end users every Thursday. Also, the notifications are created by Public Modus. Sometimes, Ingoes put links to notifications, and they try to inform people about new trends on home and furniture designs. Also, they can put a download link as well (Figure 7).

Figure 7.

Vayguzzum content.

Content is shown in Appendix [16].


3. Conclusion

Ingoes is the first mobile real estate application in Northern Cyprus. It has a local dialectic name with an attempt to focus on local market as well. Its introduction was on June 2018; they try to create a competitive advantage to B2B and B2C with a mobile application in real estate industry. By using word-of-mouth communication for face-to-face and launching of events with the real estate agency clients, they focus on B2B market and using of mobile marketing strategies and tactics through the use of social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS message, and application-oriented notifications; they focused on B2C market. It’s a pioneering idea to have a real estate mobile application in Northern Cyprus which is a Mediterranean island country. In the last 7 months after they start up their business, they tried to reach their B2B and B2C market effectively and efficiently by using different mediums by emphasizing special cultural values. According to Everett Rogers’ “diffusion of innovation” theory, the analysis shows that Ingoes mobile application is at introductory level of its life cycle as a real estate platform that brings real estate consumers and clients of Ingoes together with high-quality service approach. Since the consumers’ rate of adoption process as innovators who firstly adopt new services is about 2.5% of the market, till the end of November 2018, 1050 consumers download that mobile application (462 as Android and 485 as IOS users), and some of them buy an estate or rent a flat during that introduction stage. All their advertising videos are focused on application advantages and information about the service to create some insights to their consumers.

According to reflections and communication processes, its newly introductory stage can be a platform for innovators in Northern Cyprus. New media tactics and traditional media, direct marketing, and sales forces are actively used by Ingoes.

3.1 Recommendation

There is no question about demographic structure determination such as age and gender of the registered users. Only the location of registered users was examined, which can only signify 35 out of 40 users were from Kyrenia. The application has to use market segmentation for future business success. Also, Famagusta and Iskele cities are left behind the promotional activities of Ingoes. Famagusta and Iskele, with their seaside locations and affordable prices, are promising places both for client agencies and consumers for near future.

3.2 Future study

For next year, a longitudinal study and quantitative research could be conducted by involvement of demographic structure with an aim to focus on the diffusion of innovation through mobile application marketing perspective with the clients’ (Ingoes) attitude, perception, and behavior.


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Written By

Umut Ayman, Anıl Kemal Kaya and İpek Halim

Submitted: September 24th, 2018Reviewed: February 6th, 2019Published: March 21st, 2019