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University of Cambridge

Kuan W. A. Chee is Outstanding Professor at the Shandong Academy of Sciences and head of the Optoelectronics Materials Laboratory. He is also a Chief Technology Officer in the mechatronics industry. He has a diverse background in leading high-tech industries and academia. He has published in several top journals, books, and conference proceedings and has given numerous talks at international conferences and seminars in science and engineering. His research covers electronic design, nano- and post-CMOS electronics, and photonic and optoelectronic devices. He has received prizes and awards such as from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK; the Institute of Physics, UK; the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA; the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK; the Materials Research Society; and the Cambridge Philosophical Society. Prof. Chee is supported by a science and engineering talent program in China.

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This book provides a wide-ranging overview of the current state-of-the-art and new trends in photodetector design and research. Written by a team of internationally renowned experts, with contributions from universities, research institutes and industries, this work is suitable for students and professionals interested in studying and dealing with photodetector design and technology, as well as the wide gamut of related applications. Its coverage includes: physics and fundamentals of photodetectors; physical models of photodetector operation; new materials, design, processing and function of photodetectors in related applications; testing, monitoring and calibration; and research progress in photodetector-related areas. Theoretical aspects, design and simulation principles, and important experimental results are thoroughly addressed, embodying a comprehensive account of current activity in this important field of research and industry.

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