Jesus Alberto Pulido Arcas

University of Bío-Bío

Graduated in architecture in The University of Sevilla (Spain). He obtained his Msc (2009) and his Phd (2013) at the University of Seville, Spain. He won a postodoctoral fellowship from the Canon Foundation and carried out his postdoctoral research at the University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan, and then worked as an architect in Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & Associates, Japan. He later started working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Building Science at the University of Bio-Bio, Chile, and as a Project Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, Japan. His area of expertise covers heat transfer in buildings, CFD, energy efficiency, adaptive comfort, BIM technologies and climate change in the building industry. He is an author of more than 20 research outputs in international peer-reviewed journals and recently a book on energy efficiency, and has directed and participated in several research projects in Chile, Spain and Japan.

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