Toshiki Asao

Shimane University

Dr. Toshiki Asao is a specialist in hydroponic crop production and Professor at Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Shimane University, Japan. Dr. Asao is a native of Kyoto, Japan and received Ph.D. majoring Agriculture from Kyoto University. His main research focus is the development of hydroponic techniques for vegetables and ornamentals in greenhouses and also the development of specialty vegetables through hydroponics under controlled environment agriculture providing human health benefits beyond basic nutrition. His other research project is the studying autotoxicity in vegetables and ornamentals in hydroponics and developing possible control measures. He has published a number of scientific articles, book chapters, and edited books.

Toshiki Asao

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This book mainly deals with pre- and postharvest management practices of the strawberry to ensure that high-quality fruits are delivered to the consumer. The influence of climatic variables, cultural practices, harvesting techniques, and use of chemicals and other natural compounds on fruit quality are discussed. Factors affecting fruit growth and development and processes regarding maturation and biochemical changes during fruit ripening are also presented in one of the chapters of this book. Some chapters provide information regarding harvesting, storing, packaging, transporting, and also selling that affect strawberry quality greatly. Enhancement of yield and antioxidant contents in the strawberry by various natural products, including chitosan and probiotic bacterial, are also included in this book. The final chapter states that antioxidants present in strawberry fruit play a dietary role in alleviating oxidative stress in experimental liver models. This book focuses on the postharvest quality management of the strawberry and provides a useful resource to educationists, traders, and commercial strawberry growers.

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