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1. Problems of Control Motion of Solar Sail Spacecraft in the Photogravitational Fields

By Vladimir Stepanovich Korolev, Elena Nikolaevna Polyakhova and Irina Yurievna Pototskaya

Part of book: Nonlinear Systems -Theoretical Aspects and Recent Applications [Working Title]

2. Combinatorial Cosmology

By Martin Tamm

Part of book: Probability, Combinatorics and Control [Working Title]

3. Mathematical Modeling and Well-Posedness of Three-Dimensional Shell in Disorders of Human Vascular System

By Vishakha Jadaun and Nitin Raja Singh

Part of book: Nonlinear Systems -Theoretical Aspects and Recent Applications [Working Title]

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1. Fourier Analysis for Harmonic Signals in Electrical Power Systems

By Emmanuel Hernández Mayoral, Miguel Angel Hernández López, Edwin Román Hernández, Hugo Jorge Cortina Marrero, José Rafael Dorrego Portela and Victor Ivan Moreno Oliva

Part of book: Fourier Transforms - High-tech Application and Current Trends

2. Analytic Prognostic in the Linear Damage Case Applied to Buried Petrochemical Pipelines and the Complex Probability Paradigm

By Abdo Abou Jaoude

Part of book: Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis

3. Solution of Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering Problems

By Cheng Yung Ming

Part of book: Dynamical Systems - Analytical and Computational Techniques

4. Fractal Analysis of Time-Series Data Sets: Methods and Challenges

By Ian Pilgrim and Richard P. Taylor

Part of book: Fractal Analysis

5. A Review and Comparative Study of Firefly Algorithm and its Modified Versions

By Waqar A. Khan, Nawaf N. Hamadneh, Surafel L. Tilahun and Jean M. T. Ngnotchouye

Part of book: Optimization Algorithms - Methods and Applications

6. Kalman Filter for Moving Object Tracking: Performance Analysis and Filter Design

By Kenshi Saho

Part of book: Kalman Filters - Theory for Advanced Applications

7. Non-Linear Behaviours in the Dynamics of Some Biostructures

By Emil Anton, Anna Gavrilut, Maricel Agop and Daniel Timofte

Part of book: Nonlinear Systems - Modeling, Estimation, and Stability

8. Robust Optimization: Concepts and Applications

By José García and Alvaro Peña

Part of book: Nature-inspired Methods for Stochastic, Robust and Dynamic Optimization

9. Nonlinear Dynamical Regimes and Control of Turbulence through the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation

By Joël Bruno Gonpe Tafo, Laurent Nana, Conrad Bertrand Tabi and Timoléon Crépin Kofané

Part of book: Research Advances in Chaos Theory

10. Relationship between Interpolation and Differential Equations: A Class of Collocation Methods

By Francesco Aldo Costabile, Maria Italia Gualtieri and Anna Napoli

Part of book: Dynamical Systems - Analytical and Computational Techniques